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Every business is highly vulnerable to hackers, viruses, data corruption, data loss, system failures, and downtime. The cost of such disruptions is enormous and spread far beyond simple downtime. VERTEX provides a comprehensive approach to Backup & Disaster Recovery by completing key steps including, Plan Development, Server Imaging, Network Documentation, System Maintenance, and Routine Testing


Plan Development

As simple as it may sound, many companies don’t have a disaster recovery plan written down. VERTEX develops a plan that includes a step-by-step process in the event of a system failure or disaster. Details such as points of contact, usernames and passwords for various services, as well as budgeting specifics for backup and maintenance disaster recovery.

Server Imaging

VERTEX creates a copy of your server (cloning) so you are always ready with an efficient recovery plan. Server Imaging can speed up deployment of new servers. It is an essential component to any comprehensive backup & disaster recovery service.

Network Documentation

VERTEX provides network documentation, giving our clients valuable information for backup in the event of a catastrophic network failure. Plans include topology diagrams or for larger networks, a general segment map; server names, roles and IP addresses; active directory documentation; hardware components; software versions and license details; and of course backup procedures.

System Maintenance

Every business depends upon secure, reliable computer systems and technology in order to perform everyday functions. Consider them vital organs to the health of your business. VERTEX delivers scheduled maintenance and tune ups to keep your network running smoothly and maintain business continuity.

Routine Testing

VERTEX performs routine testing of your Backup & Disaster Recovery plan to ensure you are ready when it becomes needed. 

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