IT Consulting Services

Sureties and law firms who prefer a professional IT Firm with in-house expert forensic services hire VERTEX to support their next project.

Data Collection

VERTEX engineers and IT professionals work on site at Principal’s office to collect appopriate project-related documents, both hard copy and electronic sources, requested by client. VERTEX’s e-document collection services comply with surety’s “paperless” office policies, reduces the cost of unnecessary copying of hard copy documents, and reduces storage costs since there is no physical storage required.

Data Retention & Management Services

All documents retained by VERTEX are hosted on a cloud-based file server. Login credentials would be set up for surety, counsel, and/or accountants per the clients specifications. Documents and emails are ‘full-text’ searchable by counsel and consultants, which is essential for litigation support. VERTEX provides files for e-discovery in litigation.

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