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Legionella Support Services

Legionella is a pathogenic group of bacteria that can cause illness. Legionellosis refers to two distinct clinical syndromes: Legionnaires disease which most often manifests as severe pneumonia accompanied by multi-systemic disease, and Pontiac fever which is an acute, febrile, self-limited, viral-like illness. Legionella is considered to be fairly common and serious; the Legionella organism is one of the top three causes of sporadic, community-acquired pneumonia.

VERTEX provides significant benefits for your business with respect to identifying and/or managing potential bacteria associated with Legionella. Whether your mission is to ensure a healthy and safe work environment or address concerns of potential exposure to toxic bacteria, VERTEX can help you identify, implement, and achieve your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you suspect Legionella bacteria may be present or would like to confirm Legionella bacteria is not in your building, VERTEX can offer two levels of investigation:

Level 1 – Single reported case or evidence of possible contamination.
  • Obtain overview of systems
  • Conduct walk–thru inspection
  • Perform sample collection/review analysis
  • Recommend control actions
Level 2 – More than one case reported
  • Obtain overview of systems including cooling towers and potable water systems and any other aquatic environments
  • Conduct walk–thru inspection
  • Perform sample collection/review analysis
  • Conduct surveillance for additional cases
  • Assess past sick leave absences
  • Perform sample collection/review analysis
  • Recommend further control actions including employee training
Preventive Management
VERTEX can assist with the development and management of a preventative program:
  • Implement flushing/cleaning program
  • Implement periodic chlorination program (drain, clean and add chlorine)
  • Implement periodic super heat program
  • Run circulation pumps continuously
  • Install thermostatic mixing valves at outlets
  • Monitor and control water pH
  • Install point of use water heaters
  • Install copper/silver ion or chlorine injection system
  • Test water for Legionella periodically
  • Perform periodic routine maintenance
Remediation Management
If Legionella bacteria is identified in your building, VERTEX can assist with:
  • Remediation Heat Treatment
  • Remediation – Chlorination
Training and Education As part of any building owner/operator systems, routine training and education can be:

  • Tailored to operations of business:
    • Medical
    • Office/Hospitality Buildings
  • Offered on-site and covers:
    • Best Practices
    • Review of routine maintenance
    • Overview of Surveillance systems
    • Implementation of alert systems should Legionella bacteria be detected