VERTEX is a full service construction and environmental services firm globally recognized for our integrity and quality work. Since 1995, VERTEX has worked on over 50,000 projects in more than 40 countries. We proudly stand behind our first class work product and the expertise we bring to all areas of construction and environmental services, making us an asset on any project.

Power and Utilities Industry Knowledge

VERTEX’s staff has extensive experience managing a variety of issues for electric power companies and gas and electric utilities. Through our network of offices, our staff of more than 450 is able to effectively deliver solutions that achieve compliance requirements, reduce risks and meet critical operational and business requirements.

Site Remediation

VERTEX has extensive experience completing investigations, designing remedial actions, and providing construction manage-ment addressing a variety of contaminants in a number of site settings. Our remediation experience includes projects at active power generation sites, utility corridors, and Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) sites. Our approach is to identify remedial management approaches that are based on sound scientific analysis and risk assessment and utilize a combination of conventional and innovative remedial technologies to meet our client’s objectives and remain in compliance.

Facility Closure

VERTEX has a proven approach to the closure of surplus facilities and process operations including utility service centers and power plants. We utilize broad-based technical teams that evaluate environmental, hazardous materials and structural issues during the investigation phase so that we define all the risks associated with decommissioning and demolition work. Our approach is to develop a cost estimate and risk register for each decommissioning and demolition option so that our client can select the alternative that best reduces risks and addresses their business objectives. We then develop procurement documents so our clients get competitive bids and can select the best team, and we manage the demolition activities to assure that the work is completed according to the project requirements.

Compliance Management

VERTEX provides a broad array of support to our clients to address compliance obligations associated with wastes, water discharges and air emissions. Our experience includes development of multi-media compliance programs to help clients prepare for audits and track progress. Our approach is to integrate compliance obligations with work tasks so that compliance requirements are continuously maintained and documentation is up-to-date.

Environmental Management/Sustainability

VERTEX’s staff is also experienced in the design of environmental metrics programs, implementation of environmental management systems, development of greenhouse gas inventories and support of public reporting for gas and electric utilities. We can participate in these types of projects in many ways from conducting “gap” analyses to identifying missing components to fully developing an initiative and working side-by-side with your staff. Our approach is to leverage the best of what our clients currently have and create new content to fully develop each program.