VTX Consulting Services Inc. (VTX), The Vertex Company Inc.’s Canadian subsidiary, was retained by Loblaw Companies Limited (“Loblaws”), Canada’s largest food distributor and a leading provider of general merchandise, drugstore and financial products and services to conduct sixty-eight (68), 3Rs Solid Waste Audits at Loblaw facilities across Ontario, Canada.

VTX Senior Professionals have been providing this service to Loblaws for over 10 years in an effort for Loblaws to remain complaint with the Ontario 3Rs Solid Waste Regulations and meet the client’s aggressive, internal, 3Rs solid waste diversion targets which are a key component of the company’s Corporate Sustainability Policy/Program.

Ontario 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) Regulations are designed to ensure that Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) sectors, as well as municipalities, develop programs to reduce the amount of valuable resources going to landfill.

IC&I sectors are required to comply with requirements for conducting waste audits and preparing and implementing waste reduction work plans as required under Ontario Regulation 102/94 (O. Reg. 102/94).  O. Reg. 102/94 is a vital part of Ontario’s efforts to encourage businesses to reduce the amount of waste they produce, to reuse whatever waste they can and to recycle the rest.

Entities that are subject to O. Reg. 102/94 and are located in a municipality with a population of at least 5,000 or are designated as a large manufacturing facility must also implement a source separation and recycling program in accordance with Ontario Regulation 103/94 – Source Separation Programs (O. Reg. 103/94).