VTX Consulting Services Inc. (VTX), The VERTEX Companies Inc.’s Canadian subsidiary, is currently conducting assessment and remediation of a dairy processing and distribution facility located in Ontario. The site, a 2.7 hectare facility, has historically contained several USTs for diesel and waste oil storage. While conducting due diligence assessments at the Site, (Phase II ESAs), VTX identified significant petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) impacts to both soil and groundwater. Remedial strategies have been outlined by VTX and based on both client requirements and regulatory requirements of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Site Condition Standards (SCS), VTX will execute the following:
PHC source removal;
In situ chemical oxidation; and,
Enhanced bioremediation.
The immediate remedial strategy or goal for the site is to remove the continuing source of groundwater PHC impacts, including residual and free-phase product via excavation and off-Site disposal of the impacted soil in direct contact with the water table. Previous experience indicates that removal of PHC source soil is very effective at immediately decreasing groundwater contaminant concentrations, and enhances the ability of additional remedial strategies (i.e. in situ options) to complete the remediation of remaining groundwater and/or soil quality impacts.  An in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) remedial strategy will be carried out for soil and groundwater impacts in the vicinity of and beneath the operating site facility followed by the application of in-situ bioremediation to mitigate potential off-site groundwater impacts.
Pilot-scale testing is currently being undertaken to assess injection well spacing, injection flow rates and pressures.