Prior to VERTEX involvement, a consultant deemed the entire interior of the residence contaminated with asbestos dust resulting from improper restoration activities based on the results of two samples.  Remedial estimates based on the consultant’s recommendations totaled approximately $85,000. 

VERTEX was retained on behalf of the insurance company to further quantify the extent of the alleged asbestos dust contamination throughout the residence. In order to accomplish this, VERTEX prepared and executed a sampling plan which included collecting a combination of surface wipe samples and microvac sampling throughout each room/area of the residence. The sampling was performed in accordance with ASTM Standard D5755 and submitted to a third-party accredited laboratory for analysis. 

Based on the analytical results of VERTEX’s sampling, VERTEX with South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC) approval, concluded that only a portion of the residence in the immediate vicinity of the improper restoration activities was in fact contaminated with asbestos dust (approximately 1/4 of the interior as compared to the whole interior of the residence). 

VERTEX prepared an Asbestos Remediation Work Plan for issuance to licensed asbestos abatement contractor for cost preparation purposes. VERTEX efforts resulted in an overall claim reduction of approximately $60,000.