VERTEX has been rapidly expanding…so where can you find us?

VERTEX has over 25 North American office locations. If you work with our Irvine or Denver team, they have relocated to larger buildings but their phone numbers remain the same. And although you don’t need to update your rolodex about expansions, we are proud to report that Boston, Freehold and Weymouth have all undergone redevelopment to house our growing team.

Learn about all of our office locations.

Our growth and expansion plans have just begun.

VERTEX supplements our organic growth program with strategic acquisitions of proven companies that share our core values. VERTEX strategically targets firms that can help round out our service offerings in regional markets. We can make either partial (51% minimum) or full acquisitions of target companies. In fact, earlier this month, VERTEX formed a Forensic Accounting Group with key members of Boyle Consulting Group, Inc. to offer turnkey solutions to the surety market.

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What about you?

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The Vertex Companies, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
400 Libbey Parkway
Weymouth, MA 02189

Phone Within the U.S.

Phone Outside the U.S.
+ 1.781.952.6000