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The Newly Restructured VERTEX

January 14, 2014

VERTEX Digital Blue Logo PNGAs we come upon another week of playoff football, I can’t help but wonder how this game could tear apart our newly restructured company, VERTEX. The two biggest VERTEX offices, located in Massachusetts and Colorado, will take this AFC championship seriously, no doubt.  And this rivalry comes at a crazy time for our company.

As of January 6th, 2014, our company was restructured from several VERTEX companies back to one VERTEX, now named ‘The VERTEX Companies, Inc.’ In addition to recombining the firm back under one name, VERTEX also started an ESOP, or ‘Employee Stock Option Plan’. As an employee of VERTEX for nearly 15 years, the ‘One VERTEX’ feels to me like a return to the way things used to be. And the ESOP is a solidification of the culture that VERTEX has had since the beginning. Simply put, VERTEX has always made us employees feel like part of the bigger picture.

When originally founded in 1995, VERTEX began as ‘VERTEX Engineering Services, Inc.’ under the leadership of James B. O’Brien, LSP; William J. McConnell Jr., PE, JD, CDT; and Jeffrey Picard. These three men, young at the time, led VERTEX to rapid growth and quite amazing accomplishments in environmental and construction consulting; landing huge accounts with some of the largest corporations in the world and growing to over 20 locations globally. Their mission, ‘to provide superior services with a constant sense of urgency’ also cultivated dozens of young entrepreneurial professionals in the company.

The company was publicly owned for a short time but it seemed to stifle the ‘urgency’ and ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ so our founders brought us back to private ownership by 2005. When they did this, they divided the company into several smaller VERTEX firms. And although we continued to grow and succeed, the division into several smaller firms did not fit how VERTEX actually functioned. We all worked together as often as possible in order to get the right expertise for any job.

So now we emerge in 2014 as one corporation again. We are excited at the growth potential, the ESOP, and the burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit that is quickly returning to the company. We just have to make it through roughly four hours of football this Saturday when the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots play for the AFC title; and after that, I think the sky is the limit for VERTEX.

To learn more, please contact Lisa Dehner at or 781.952.6000.

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