VERTEX is a full service construction and environmental services firm globally recognized for our integrity and quality work. Since 1995, VERTEX has worked on over 50,000 projects in more than 40 countries. We proudly stand behind our first class work product and the expertise we bring to all areas of construction and environmental services, making us an asset on any project.

Construction Insurance Services

VERTEX is uniquely positioned to help insurance clients effectively assess construction defect, property damage, general liability, professional liability, premise liability, and subrogation claims and lawsuits. We have a wide array of construction experts that serve as consultants/experts for building-related disputes. Our team of architects, engineers, cost consultants, scheduling experts and construction specialists contribute to the successful resolution of claims and cases nationwide. We provide expert guidance on complex projects including large single-family communities, luxury residences, condominiums, shopping centers, infrastructure, and government and municipal properties. Our building envelope experts assess claims and cases associated with exterior walls, roofs, windows/doors, and waterproofing. Our team also provides investigations related to structural issues.

Construction Defect Consulting
VERTEX helps clients investigate and manage construction defect claims. We are often retained to represent the Developer/GC, subcontractors, and design professionals involved in construction-related disputes. We investigate the nature and extent of damage allegedly caused by substandard work, design errors and omissions, and material deficiencies. We evaluate plaintiff reports to determine if the claimed issues and proposed repairs have merit and generate liability reports citing appropriate building codes, contract documents and industry standards. We help our clients assess responsibility and allocate liability. Our team has experience providing expert witness testimony and valuably contributing to successfully resolving construction defect cases.

Standard of Care Consulting
VERTEX’s team of qualified construction specialists, architects, and engineers have worked on thousands of construction projects. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to determine the standard of care that construction and design professionals are required to meet.
Claim Investigations
VERTEX provides independent forensic investigations for first-party property damage claims. VERTEX specializes in commercial and personal lines/large loss (CAT). VERTEX has registered professional engineers in all states of the contiguous United States and Mexico. VERTEX can provide reports, repair protocols and cost estimates in an expedited time frame when needed.

Cost Consulting
Our certified cost estimators can provide cost of repair estimates thatare based on industry standard estimating methods and pricing in order to arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement for our client. Our cost consultants also perform detailed reviews of invoices for work performed to determine reasonable expenses incurred.

Scheduling/Delay Claim Consulting
VERTEX’s scheduling professionals assist clients in identifying the nature of the claim, completing a forensic schedule analysis using the appropriate industry recognized methodology, evaluating and quantifying the various damage components associated with any critical delay, and preparing a report that clearly and concisely explains our methodology and opinions.
Bad Faith
VERTEX’s engineers and construction experts investigate and opine on the cause and origin of a wide variety of insurance claims where the insured feels the contract obligation was not met. Our team also performs detailed reviews of estimates and invoices and determines if the proposed or accrued expenses are reasonable. Our team has experience providing expert witness testimony and provides valuable contributions to successfully resolving bad faith insurance cases.

Additional Services
  • Premise liability, aka “slip-and-fall” cases
  • ADA/accessibility reviews for properties
  • Fire resistive construction, aka “fire wall/party wall” cases
  • Subrogation/subcontractor cost allocations
  • Constructability assessments
  • Third-party reviews of construction methods or costs
  • Loss control/risk assessment analysis