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Decontamination, Decommissioning & Demolition Services

VERTEX has a proven approach to Decontamination, Decommissioning, and Demolition (DDD) projects that has been successfully implemented by our experienced staff and pre-qualified subcontractors. While each project is unique, the following highlights our general project approach for planning and executing these projects.

Step 1. A comprehensive background data review to identify data gaps.
Data gaps could potentially have a material impact on decommissioning/demolition cost and schedule. Assessment would including:
  • Tank contents
  • Process equipment contents
  • Valuation of scrap steel
  • This high-level assessment will help determine impacts to cost and schedule as well as any specialist resources/equipment potentially required. A more detailed assessment may be appropriate during preparation of bid specifications.
  • An evaluation of regulated/hazardous materials (e.g., asbestos, mercury, etc.) including whether the available data are sufficient to develop a demolition plan and/or bid specifications.
Step 2. Develop a detailed inventory of the former manufacturing assets as either salvage or scrap.
This identifies the approximate value to the project and the overall impact on decommissioning/demolition cost. Assumptions on scrap value will be based on the local market and transportation logistics.

Step 3. Conduct supplemental hazardous waste survey depending on the outcome of the above mentioned data gap analysis.

Step 4. Develop a high-level decommissioning/demolition execution plan that establishes the major elements of the overall project, including cost and schedule. Inputs to the plan include:
  • Permit requirements
  • Health and safety requirements
  • ACM/Regulated materials abatement
  • Tank/Equipment contents removal
  • Off-site transportation options and constraints
  • Waste disposal options
  • Scrap steel and salvage options
  • Demolition execution and extent
  • Site restoration requirements
Step 5. Develop a detailed/technical Bid Specification in CSI format based on the information collected in Steps 1 - 4.

Step 6. Execute project in accordance with client delivery requirements:
  • Design Bid
  • Design Bid Build
  • Design Build
VERTEX draws on our extensive experience with the evaluation, management and disposition of manufacturing facilities by quantifying each concern outlined above and preparing a reasonable course of action, tailor-made for each situation. Through practical knowledge gained from years of projects involving Facility Closure Services, our ability to understand our Clients’ business goals help differentiate our approach from our competitors.

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