VERTEX is a full service construction and environmental services firm globally recognized for our integrity and quality work. Since 1995, VERTEX has worked on over 50,000 projects in more than 40 countries. We proudly stand behind our first class work product and the expertise we bring to all areas of construction and environmental services, making us an asset on any project.

Fire Investigation Services

Only highly experienced professionals can perform the complex tasks of uncovering the origin and cause of a fire or explosion. By evaluating the circumstances surrounding what happened and why, VERTEX is able to provide our clients with the technical expertise needed for them to determine coverage in a timely manner, reduce claim costs, combat fraud, and ultimately achieve closure with a solid, court defensible understanding of events and outcomes.

Fire Investigations
  • Origin & cause investigation
  • Failure analysis
  • Subrogation/litigation support
  • Evidence collection & storage
  • Code analysis & research
  • Crime scene investigation
Origin & Cause
In an approach consistent with NFPA 921, our experts apply the highest level of professional competence in their investigative skills and techniques, evidence collection, chain of custody and reporting, providing our customers with solid and reliable determination of fire origin and cause that will withstand the challenges of litigation.
Failure Analysis
Through scientific failure analysis, we can determine whether the root cause of the fire was due to an electrical or mechanical component, human error, natural events, or arson.

Subrogation/Litigation Support
VERTEX experts assist the litigator by having highly qualified professionals conduct site investigations and review all documents and reports prepared by other parties. The client receives valuable information regarding the completeness and accuracy of the other parties’ opinions and conclusions.
Full-Service Approach
Teamed with VERTEX’s existing services, we are able to evaluate the aftermath of a fire or explosion. Services include:
  • Civil/structural engineering
  • Damage assessment/cost to repair
  • Reserve analysis
  • Construction management
  • Environmental remediation
  • Indoor air quality
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Health & safety consulting