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Loss Control Construction Services

VERTEX’s construction-related services are wide-ranging and extend from owner’s representative and construction management work to construction claims and construction defect consulting. Unlike most other firms, this experience provides a unique perspective for loss control services through our hands-on comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with construction. In particular, our litigation experience allows us to identify the most common components associated with building failures. By being able to identify potentially problematic conditions early on, we can ensure that conditions are properly managed, designed, and installed during original construction avoiding costly lawsuits.

Pre-Construction Phase Assessment
  • Provide a project summary that outlines the key facets and contractor attributes of a proposed project.
  • Research entities to qualify their capabilities for the proposed project, and verify that a successful track record exists on similar projects. This would typically include research of the developer, general contractor, and involved design professionals.
  • Analysis of relevant past claim summary information to help determine the nature of past exposures, claim development and magnitude, and allow an accurate assessment of risk going forward.
  • Provide analysis related to construction considerations specific to the proposed project, such as:
    • Construction costs/time frames and consistency with similar projects.
    • What portions of the building envelop are most susceptible to failure and may require special consideration?
    • What hazards (wind, seismic, flood) can be expected with the subject parcel/project?
    • What are the typical types of challenges (and construction claims) associated with constructing a building of this type?
Construction Phase Assessment
  • Assess building plans and specifications for problematic conditions. Identify areas where plans may be deficient or insufficient and recommend changes where necessary.
  • Perform site visits to monitor progress and quality of the work and provide reports outlining concerns that should be addressed. Inspections can focus on ensuring proper and skilled installation of key building components.
  • Conduct testing of building components. This typically includes water testing of select windows, doors, and vulnerable penetrations in the exterior walls.

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