VERTEX is a full service forensic, engineering design, construction, and environmental services firm globally recognized for our integrity and quality work. Since 1995, VERTEX has worked on over 60,000 projects in more than 40 countries. We proudly stand behind our first-class work product and the expertise we bring to all areas of construction and environmental services, making us an asset on any project.

Standard of Care Services

VERTEX’s team of qualified construction specialists, architects, and structural and civil engineers have worked on thousands of construction projects. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to determine the standard of care that construction and design professionals are required to meet.

Construction Management/General Contractor
VERTEX’s team of qualified construction specialists have unparalleled expertise in the typical means and methods that qualified constructors implement on various types of projects. In addition, we understand the standard duties and responsibilities of constructors that relate to cost estimation, installation, sequence, and coordination. VERTEX is one of the nation’s largest completion contractors and routinely takes over large-scale projects that are often wrought with construction defects, workforce issues, and schedule issues. Our experience in working on these challenging projects brings a unique point of view and skill set that lends credibility to our capabilities as expert witnesses.
VERTEX’s staff of qualified architects can assess the reasonable performance expectations of other architects. Specifically, our understanding of building envelope challenges runs deep and includes an in-depth knowledge of building codes, manufacturers recommendations, and industry standards for stucco, EIFS, siding, brick masonry, weather resistive barriers, self-adhered flashing, metal flashing, sheathing, asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, roofing accessories, penetrations, drainage, and fenestrations. Such expertise and experience makes VERTEX’s architects well suited to issue standard of care opinions regarding the architectural design of others.
Engineering - Civil & Structural
The VERTEX team of qualified structural and civil engineers can determine if your design and as-built construction conforms to applicable building codes and regulations, and when necessary, identify reasonable solutions to correct deficiencies. VERTEX can run calculations and manage all issues related to shear walls, foundations, masonry, framing, concrete issues and structural slab systems. Additionally, VERTEX engineers provide well thought-out solutions to challenges involving grading and drainage, earthwork balance calculations, erosion control systems, water and sewer systems, NPDES permitting, and general site design and development.

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