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Surety Support Services

For over two decades, VERTEX has assisted contract surety providers in managing payment and performance bond claims throughout the United States. VERTEX specializes in traditional engineering consulting as well as completion contracting services. VERTEX’s talented management team treats every file with a constant sense of urgency to add value and mitigate loss.

Performance Bond Investigations
  • Cost to complete estimating
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Reserve calculation
  • Termination review
  • Completion strategy development
  • Negotiation with principals, obligees, subcontractors and vendors
  • Change order resolution
  • Inventory stored material
  • Clean and protect site
Procurement Services
  • Ratification of subcontractors
  • Bid package preparation
  • Relet administration
  • Bid result analysis
  • Assist takeover and completion contract negotiations
  • Outstanding change order negotiations
Payment Bond Claim Review
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Stop notice review
  • Lien review
Completion Services
  • Bonded completion contracting
  • Construction management
  • Interim project management
Closeout Services
  • Punchlist development and completion
  • Procure warranties
  • Commissioning and start-up of systems
  • Prepare O&M manuals
  • Prepare as-built drawings
  • Collect final releases
  • Collect remaining contract funds
Project Monitoring Services
  • Full/part time site monitoring
  • Project monitoring reports
  • Payment application review
  • Surety disbursement review
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Latent defect assessment
  • Funds administration
Scheduling Services
  • Preparation, analysis and updating of project schedules
  • Delay claim preparation using the following methods:
    • Time impact analysis
    • Windows analysis
    • As-planned analysis
    • But-For analysis
Dispute Resolution Services
  • Expert testimony
  • Affirmative claim preparation using:
    • Actual cost method
    • Total cost method
    • Modified total cost method
    • Measured mile method
  • Review merits of claim
  • Discovery and deposition assistance
  • Trial exhibit preparation
Additional Services
  • Provide insurance to cover lapses
  • Document warehousing
  • Surety runoff

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