The insured was conducting underground storage tank (UST) closure activities at a former gasoline station in Paterson, New Jersey when the ground beneath the excavator subsided causing the heavy equipment to fall onto and crush a UST which contained residual product.  The product (gasoline) was released to the subsurface soils and groundwater. The environmental response was developed and treated under an emergency response condition because the site was being redeveloped and long-term remediation would likely cause extensive construction delays resulting in substantial costs.
The selected remedial option (in-situ chemical oxidation) quickly and effectively drove down contaminant levels.  The site achieved case closure with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) within the year.  VERTEX’s quick response to the insured, claimant, and environmental consultants help to diffuse a volatile situation.  Although all recommendations and conclusions were developed for and addressed to our client, our involvement likely prevented the insured from being involved in legal action and incurring costly construction delay expenses.
VERTEX offered a reasonable and common-sense approach with respect to the proposed remedial action which successfully addressed the contamination in an extremely timely fashion. Our client reported that these actions “helped [their insured] maintain a positive business relationship with one of [their] largest clients.”
Our efforts were recognized by our insurance client and executive team for our exemplary service in the areas of emergency response, environmental remediation and claim management.