VERTEX provided expedited loss control services in order to understand new condition pollution exposure for an industrial motor works company that was being considered for coverage. The portfolio included several motor works and warehouse sites across the Midwestern US including: Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. 

In order to determine pre-existing conditions and offer an expedited evaluation of various risks as they relate to site operations, site improvements and historic uses, VERTEX conducted desktop research as well as telephone interviews with several of the site operations managers. VERTEX determined: inventory of on-site hazardous materials and chemicals, manufacturing processes, historical site uses and operations as well as surrounding and non-owned disposal sites. 

VERTEX provided the insurance carrier with a full cost risk evaluation for: bodily injury; property damage risks for diminution of property value and loss of use; Natural Resource Damages; and, first party remediation cost risks.The information provided allowed the insured to determine any pre-existing conditions, and evaluate the potential remediation cost risks. 

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