VERTEX provided oversight on the surety’s behalf for the construction of a new dam on the Upper Kapahi Reservoir on Kauai, Hawaii. The dam was constructed to provide water storage for agricultural use. Large concrete box culverts were constructed and placed with a roadway prism being built up and paved over top. The crest of the structure built is at an elevation of 359 feet with a crest length of approximately 215 feet and a maximum height of about 23 feet. Access roads were graded to facilitate future maintenance of the box culverts and rock slope protection channels. A blanket drain and a toe drain were also constructed on the downstream side of the dam to control seepage and protect against internal erosion. VERTEX’s scope of services included construction relet, conducting weekly Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) meetings, monitoring construction progress and cost analysis, reviewing contractor’s schedule of values, processing payment, project closeout, and other construction administration services.