VERTEX was contracted by an international pump/valve manufacturer to conduct due diligence (Phase I ESA, Environmental Health and Safety, and Phase II ESA) at a manufacturing plant located in an industrial area of Niigata, Japan for a potential acquisition.

The site had a long history of manufacturing dating back to the 1950s. Although no USTs were located on-site, numerous underground pits storing wastewater were located on the property. The site also utilized numerous ASTs to store various oils, kerosene and waste by-products, some of which were in poor condition and whose piping traversed underground. Other on-site concerns included a former septic system, incinerators and disposal of ash and effluent.

Project Highlights: During the due diligence period (following the Phase I ESA but prior to conducting the Phase II ESA) the city of Niigata experienced a major earthquake. Per the request of the client, VERTEX conducted an interim visitation to assess associated damage.

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