VERTEX performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and limited compliance inspections of sixteen industrial facilities throughout the country. The scope of work included site visitations to inspect the grounds and buildings as well as the adjacent properties to identify potential for on-site and off-site sources of chlorinated solvents, oil or other hazardous material releases; review of local records relating to historic ownership, usage and site development; and review of published federal, state, provincial and/or local regulatory records related to on-site activities and potential off-site sources of oil or hazardous material contamination. Additionally, VERTEX reviewed previous environmental site assessments, construction documents, hazardous waste manifests, any operational documents, asbestos survey or abatement reports, wastewater and air emission permits. Following the site assessments and research, VERTEX prepared a summary of findings within one week of project authorization and written reports of the findings within two weeks of project authorization.

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