The scope of work at Kaelepulu Pond – Kamahele Ditch included the creation of a ditch catch basin, installation of concrete box culverts below the roadway, grading of stream embankment, hydro-seeding and plant establishment of the embankment and surrounding areas, as well as landscaping of the grounds. VERTEX oversaw the completion of these repairs and improvements on behalf of the Surety. The project’s main goals were to enhance the ditch’s catch basin, stream bank, and surrounding landscaping. A few of the project’s challenges included access to water for the temporary irrigation system, ongoing plant establishment maintenance, erosion control, and controlling weed growth without the use of chemical aids. VERTEX services offered included construction relet, cost-to-complete analysis, regular site visits, procurement of permitting on the behalf of the Surety, project oversight, post-construction survey, among other construction administration services. 

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