VERTEX served as the Owner’s Project Manager for the renovation of four stories of office space in a building that formerly housed the Las Animas County Jail and Sheriff’s Department. The project was complicated due to the fact that it involved remediation to comply with fire code and ADA as well as reconstruction of three floors of atrium into usable office space.  

VERTEX’s services included:

  • Engaging an Architect to prepare construction documents meeting applicable building code requirements.
  • Coordinating and consulting with the Architect and Authority Having Jurisdiction to clarify the required corrective scope of work. 
  • Preparing a “bid package” for contractor bidding purposes.
  • Prequalifying contractors.
  • Visiting the site with contractors to discuss/review the scope of work. 
  • Assisting with contract formulation and reviewing with General Contractor and Las Animas County.
  • Performing site inspections to review progress of the work. 
  • Reviewing payment applications. 
  • Attending meetings.

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