VTX was requested to perform PCAs to observe and document readily visible material and building system defects that might significantly affect the value of three (3) commercial building properties that operated as pet care facilities/resorts. These sites were located in three (3) different States. Each PCA also included assessment of existing conditions that might have a significant impact on the continued operation of the facility during the requested term of assessment (12 years). Each PCA included the following: site reconnaissance; limited interviews with property management and maintenance personnel; inquiries or attempted inquiries with appropriate local government authorities (e.g., building department and fire department) and a review of available construction documents as provided by the building management. During the PCA, VTX made visual observations of the following facility features: site development systems; building structure systems; building exterior systems; building interior systems; roof systems; mechanical systems; electrical systems; plumbing systems; conveyance systems; and, life and fire safety systems.

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