VERTEX was retained as the completion contractor to construct a water treatment facility located in Shenandoah, Iowa; a small town of approximately 5,000 residents. VERTEX began work on site in May 2015 with completion of the project scheduled for September 2017. Since May 2015, VERTEX had full-time project management staff of four on site, which includes two project managers, a superintendent and an engineer.

VERTEX was responsible for completion of the overall construction of the water treatment facility which includes all daily construction operations such as safety, management of the schedule, management of all subcontractors and vendors, and management of all project finances necessary to complete the contract.

The building was constructed to provide optimal performance in Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Indoor Air Quality, Innovation, Material & Resources, and Sustainability in order to achieve a LEED Certified accreditation. The building structure consisted of new composite cast-in-place concrete, precast manufactured panels, and concrete masonry units. This includes two exterior ground storage tanks with a storage capacity of over nine hundred thousand gallons. The water plants two million gallons per day capacity is attributed by four cast-in-place concrete filter tanks, two solid contact unit (SCU) tanks, two re-carb tanks, and a filter effluent box. These systems are made up of process piping, chemical piping and storage rooms, pump rooms, aerator, soda ash feed, lime feed, mechanical and electrical rooms, and twenty ton lime storage silo. All this is controlled by a state of the art SCADA system that is designed so the water plant will operate independently and efficiently.

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