VERTEX was retained by the surety to provide consulting services and manage the completion of the construction of a five-story academic classroom and office building at West Chester University. The project involved multiple prime contractors, with separate contracts for general construction, plumbing, HVAC and electrical. The general construction contract, which VERTEX served as the surety’s consultant for, was valued at over $14.6M. The new building was constructed using brick, cast stone, limestone, and aluminum windows to match the campus aesthetic, and the interior spaces were finished using a unique aesthetic depending on the purpose of the space. The project was completed in accordance with the agreed-upon completion schedule and submitted for LEED Gold certification. VERTEX represented the surety in defending against co-prime claims and subcontractor claims, as well as preparing an affirmative claim. Additionally, VERTEX provided mold consulting services for the project, as water infiltration occurred through temporary enclosures immediately following the termination of the original contractor. VERTEX’s environmental group conducted a review of site conditions, which included thermal imaging, and prepared a findings report that was used to determine the level of remediation required and adequacy of the remediation.

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