VERTEX served as the completion contractor for the West Seneca Central School District 2009 Excel Project after the default of the original general contractor. The project included the renovation and addition of three school buildings across the school district. After being retained by the defaulted contractor’s surety, VERTEX mobilized to the project to complete base contract work and a large-scale punch list on the project. VERTEX utilized existing and new subcontractors to complete the work, with extensive owner and end-user coordination in the occupied school buildings. Additionally, VERTEX oversaw the remediation of latent defect and warranty work that had been left behind by the previous contractor. VERTEX’s team worked closely with the construction manager and owner on the project to complete the administrative closeout of the contract. VERTEX also provided consulting services to the surety, including: preparation of cost-to-complete reports and review of all payment bond claims from subcontractors and suppliers of the original contractor.

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