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COVID-19 Construction Services

With 500+ local staff in over 30 offices nationwide and remote employees at jobsites across the country, we have unrivaled coverage of personnel and can be at most jobsites within hours by car.


COVID-19 Site Safety Construction Services

Construction projects continue to be “paused’ or are operating on a limited basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As these existing or newly permitted job-sites ramp-up, coronavirus plans, and protocols are being required by state and local governing authorities to ensure the safety of the public and the construction workforce. VERTEX has an integrated team of highly skilled engineering, construction, environmental and IT professionals to support renovation and ground-up construction projects. As such, VERTEX is well positioned to provide COVID-19 Construction Safety Plans, response or operational protocols and compliance/oversight services.


Surety Claims Consulting

As things continue to change on a daily, if not hourly basis, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, every company and family in the world is dealing with this global situation and how to react. You have immediate needs and we have solutions. We are here to help you and your teams navigate through these uncertain times by creative problem solving and assisting you with minimal business interruption while protecting and following the public health guidelines.

We have a staff of skilled professionals in not only construction, but engineering and design, environmental services, industrial hygiene, accounting, and technology services. In addition to our full suite of services that you are familiar with, our teams are ready to assist with the following:

Proxy Services

With strict travel provisions in place, we know that it may be difficult for you and your team to attend meetings, perform site investigations/site visits, and document project progress and conditions. With 500+ local staff in over 30 offices nationwide and remote employees at jobsites across the country, we have unrivaled coverage of personnel and can be at most jobsites within hours by car.

Technology Services

VERTEX-Optistar Technology Specialists can address all IT and forensic technology needs. Our team can assist in developing cloud-based application and file solutions and installation of VPN’s or Secure WiFi Networks for contractor’s office and field management as they shift to work remotely. We can also help digitize field documents for remote access, and provide document hosting services for retention, search, and use while utilizing a strong institutionalized security framework.

Site Health and Safety

VERTEX Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) can assist in the development of customized jobsite cleaning protocols, oversight checklists, CDC requirement training, site inspections and more.

Advisory Services

Having managed thousands of construction projects, we can assist with creating protocols for site shutdowns, preparing notices, developing or evaluating claims, and analyzing risk.

Funds Control

With the potential for impending defaults, and contractor cash flow uncertainty, we can assist clients in implementing funds control services.


Contract Claims

The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted the world economy. Many states have classified construction as an “essential” business, allowing work to continue throughout the pandemic, while some states, municipalities, and owners have stopped ongoing projects or canceled or postponed upcoming work. Numerous impacts such as social distancing, supply chain impacts, shortage of PPE, subcontractors electing not to proceed, etc. are delaying construction projects and resulting in increased costs, including supply chain impacts, productivity losses, delay damages, consequential damages, safety/sanitization protocols, and more. VERTEX’s Construction Claims Group provides expert and advisory services to contractors, subcontractors, Owners, and sureties. With a team of professional engineers, architects, forensic accountants, estimators, and construction and scheduling professionals, who have consulted and testified on complex matters across the world, VERTEX is uniquely able to address our client’s claims needs.

Productivity Impact Claims

COVID-19 has brought on a deluge of new requirements and constraints to construction projects. In addition to the varying mandatory restrictions put in place by government entities, contractors, owners, and developers now face unforeseen operational challenges that are having detrimental effects across the whole construction industry. Social distancing requirements will undoubtedly have a damaging effect on efficiency and many firms now face diminished operation capabilities as a result of the outbreak which has further strained productivity. During these uncertain times, it is critical to understand the impacts facing your projects. VERTEX’s team of recognized Construction Experts can help assess your project portfolio, identify likely productivity impacts, quantify damages and develop a plan to protect your interests and maximize recovery. VERTEX’s experts can also rebut and defend claims arising from impacts due to COVID-19.

Scheduling & Delay Claims

Whether a project has been completely shut down or faces new constraints, the likelihood of project delays is high. Owners and contractors alike need to take certain steps to insulate themselves from the damages associated with project delays. VERTEX’s team of Construction Scheduling and Delay experts can develop project-specific protocols to mitigate potential delays and help prepare and/or evaluate delay claims and time extension requests.


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