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Distressed Project Services

VERTEX’s distressed project solutions team completes both small- and large-scale projects around the world for developers, institutional investors, life insurance companies, and private equity firms.

We understand time is of the essence in these situations and are able to mobilize highly qualified teams on a moment’s notice. Once on site, we work diligently to complete all contract work, safely and efficiently, for consistently high-quality results. We aggressively pursue closeout from the onset of a project to prevent all-too-common delays of the completion of the last five percent of construction projects. With a team of in-house engineers and architects able to assist in resolving defective work and proposing reasonable solutions to complex issues, we offer a unique model for effectively meeting client needs.


Distressed Project Solutions

VERTEX completes partially completed and typically distressed projects across the globe. We provide completion contracting services on projects of all types and sizes where the original contractor is unable to complete contracted work due to a termination for convenience or for cause. We understand the subcontractor- ratification process and the intricacies involved in the proper estimation of partially completed work. While serving as a completion contractor, our team is committed to preserving the best interests of the client through the course of construction.


Construction Project Management

VERTEX has specialized skills to manage and deliver quality construction project management. Whether at the pre-construction phase or midway through the project, VERTEX can provide practical management approaches to support the successful execution of any construction project.

VERTEX can manage all aspects of a construction project, from estimating, bidding, and awarding to planning, scheduling, and on-site and safety management.


Construction Punch List Closeout

Construction closeout actually begins in the design stage when the specifications are prepared. If brought in early in the project, VERTEX can assist in the development of the closeout specifications, mapping out required construction closeout procedures, submittals, and warranties. If VERTEX becomes involved at later stages of the project, the team will reference closeout specifications and punch lists to assure that requirements are adhered to and accomplished without delay.


Staff Augmentation

Often, VERTEX is called upon to augment the staff, e.g., assisting in claim writing or acting as the Owner’s Representative on behalf of the client. Some of our Staff Augmentation Services include project scheduling, project engineering, assistant project management, senior project management, quality control, safety, risk management, assistant superintendence, and general superintendence.


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