VERTEX is focused on understanding, meeting & exceeding the needs of our clients from a variety of industries. Learn about the services provided to your industry.

Insurance Carriers & TPAs

VERTEX helps insurance carriers, syndicates, attorneys, third-party administrators, underwriters and risk managers address commercial and residential liability challenges. Our services enable clients to tackle complex claims and underwriting assignments promptly and accurately.

Insurance Carrier & TPA Services

Surety Providers

Contract surety providers retain VERTEX to provide claims consulting, funds control, and completion contracting throughout the globe. VERTEX’s reach, bench strength, and seasoned professionals set us apart from our competition.

Surety Provider Services

Financial & Investment Banks

Financial institutions with commercial property investments rely upon VERTEX to manage and perform services at every phase of ownership. From pre-acquisition due diligence to divestiture, our focus is to ensure the success of your investment.

Financial & Investment Bank Services

Real Estate Owners & REITS

VERTEX services help overcome potential roadblocks or pitfalls that impact project and real estate investment results. Our global team is available to support, from pre-acquisition to development and management of your real estate. VERTEX’s services also support sale or divestiture phases. 

Real Estate Owners & REIT Services

Law Firms

Law firms retain VERTEX to provide expert services in litigation support on matters that involve construction defects, environmental issues, and contract claims on construction projects. With our proficient and practical knowledge of the engineering, construction, environmental and technology industries, VERTEX provides services that give legal professionals an edge.

Law Firm Services


Manufacturing firms of all types rely upon VERTEX services to manage risk, stay compliant and make sustainable business decisions domestically and abroad. No matter what you manufacture or produce, VERTEX has the experience and resources to meet your environmental, development, compliance and efficiency goals.

Industrial Services


Real estate developers retain VERTEX to provide engineering, construction and environmental solutions on ground-up and redevelopment projects throughout the globe.

Developer Services

Property Managers & HOAs

Property managers hire VERTEX to provide engineering, construction and environmental services on building properties throughout the globe. Home Owner Associations (HOAs) retain VERTEX as a reconstruction contractor to address construction defect issues and water/fire damage.

Property Manager & HOA Services


Architects retain VERTEX to provide structural and civil engineering design services on ground-up and restoration building projects located throughout the United States. VERTEX’s vast office network and deep professional staff allows us to work on projects of all sizes and complexity.

Architect Services

Local, State, & Federal Agencies

VERTEX provides engineering, construction and environmental services on publically-funded projects located throughout the globe. VERTEX has significant bonding capacity and requisite licensing to qualify for most public solicitations.

Local, State, & Federal Agency Services

Commercial Tenants

Commercial Tenants hire VERTEX to provide general contracting/tenant improvement, design services, and environmental consulting across the United States.

Commercial Tenant Services

Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals/Healthcare owners, operators and managers hire VERTEX to provide indoor air quality and waterborne pathogen services on hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

Hospital & Healthcare Facility Services