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Property Managers

Most often, VERTEX works with Property managers & HOAs as a general contractor to provide construction of interior spaces or as a reconstruction contractor.

VERTEX also provides engineering design, construction consulting such as owner’s representation, as well as environmental consulting to property managers and HOAs.

Property management and Home Owner Associations (HOAs) can focus on tenant needs and building a community when they have VERTEX to manage building safety, efficiency, compliance, and maintenance. With VERTEX assisting, property managers and HOAs can ensure that the property and its improvements are suitable for the environment and tenants.

Featured Services

Construction Contracting & Consulting Services

General Contracting

VERTEX offers construction contracting and consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients on technical projects located throughout the globe.


Engineering Design Services

Engineering Design

VERTEX provides engineering design solutions on all types of ground-up and restoration work involving commercial, residential, and industrial projects.


Reconstruction & Restoration Contracting

VERTEX provides restoration and reconstruction services to restore property damage resulting from weather events and construction defects.


Owner's Representation

VERTEX provides Owner’s Representation and Program Management services to private and public clients on building projects located throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.


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