VERTEX is rapidly changing. It has been since the Great Recession. It can be difficult to remember one’s identity when in the midst of change but we must not forget, or we become just another company. 

VERTEX is a team of nearly 500 employees; a community:

Providing solutions to 7,000 companies;

Sharing expertise with 14,000 customers in more than 25 countries;

Completing 50,000 projects;

Contributing to the livelihood of 5,000 subcontractors, vendors, and business suppliers;

Giving or volunteering time to hundreds of charities and community organizations. 

We want for you, the people of VERTEX, to feel passionate about your path in life, exuberance for your environment, and crystal clear vision of the opportunities that lie ahead.

These video clips were prepared during VERTEX’s Annual Meeting on January 12th-13th, 2017. Their message should strike passion in you, exuberance for your work environment, clarity about the opportunities that lie ahead. 

If not, take action. But don’t settle. That is VERTEX.

We are VERTEX.

VERTEX Annual Meeting January 2017

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VERTEX 2016 Awards of Excellence

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