VERTEX has Experts that Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.

Unlike others, VERTEX provides forensic consulting alongside traditional AEC services which allows for a 360 degree view of your project.

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VERTEX delivers innovative solutions on complex projects globally.

Since 1995, VERTEX has completed over 90,000 projects.

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VERTEX believes in a Lifetime of Learning philosophy.

Stay current with our industry experts as they share their insights and knowledge on the built environment.

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VERTEX is looking for talented individuals to join a highly technical team of forensic consultants, design engineers, construction managers, and environmental scientists.

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VERTEX is a multi-discipline firm with global coverage. Our international network of resources enables us to provide multi-national clients with the most qualified local professionals who understand the culture, language, and regulatory framework.

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Attorneys & Law Firms

VERTEX provides seasoned expert witnesses, comprehensive legal consulting, and an unrivaled client experience.

Construction Attorneys

Construction attorneys are legal professionals who specialize in the complex legal issues that arise during all stages of a construction project, from planning and development to completion and beyond. VERTEX supports construction attorneys through all phases.

  • Expert Witness Services – schedule, cost, safety and more
  • Forensic Services including Analysis and Dispute Resolution
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Environmental Due Diligence and Risk Management
  • Contract Review
  • Delay and Damages Assessments
  • Property Condition Assessments


VERTEX provides comprehensive expert witness services and dispute resolution advising to attorneys throughout the globe. We support our clients on all legal matters involving design disputes, business interruption, construction claims, construction defects, restoration, property damage, and environmental impacts. Our licensed and certified experts work alongside our team of architects, engineers, and diverse industry professionals to provide our clients with the assistance they need to resolve complex challenges.

VERTEX is unique in that we stand by our cost of repair estimates. We are a licensed and insured contractor with the ability to always offer completion work at our estimated price. Doing so gives our clients the leverage to negotiate and litigate with confidence.

VERTEX Expert Witnesses provide valuable testimony and reports in mediations, depositions, and trials.

Our Expert Witness Services Include:

  • Delay Claims Experts
  • Forensic Experts
  • Design Defect Experts
  • Forensic Scheduling Experts
  • Property Damage Experts
  • Environmental Claims Experts
  • Architecture Experts

Our Dispute Resolution Services Include:

  • Distressed Construction and Project Consulting
  • Construction Claims Consulting
  • Construction Claims Management
  • Cost To Repair Analysis
  • Forensic Delay Analysis
  • Building Damage Assessment

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Our clients work with us because of our 360-degree perspective on the industry. As a multi-faceted company with the ability to assist and consult on various issues, VERTEX helps our clients mitigate risk and avoid conflicts or delays in the built and natural environment. On every project and every claim, we give our clients an edge with our insights and experience gained from thousands of assignments.

  • Distressed Project
  • Construction Consulting
  • Forensic Construction Consulting
  • Construction Auditing
  • Forensic Accounting Experts
  • Surety Bond Claims Experts


VERTEX supports in-house attorneys with a proactive approach to risk management that gives them the competitive edge they need to thrive in a complicated and challenging industry. VERTEX helps clients leverage their In-house legal counsel to mitigate claims, conflicts, and delays. When claims do reach litigation or negotiation, our expert witnesses and claims resolution services provide the expertise needed to reach timely and favorable resolutions. With the support of VERTEX, our clients avoid matters and efficiently resolve claims that would otherwise cause the loss of valuable time and resources.

  • Expert Witness Services
  • Construction Claims Management
  • Forensic Experts & Services
  • Delay Claims Consulting
  • Construction Litigation Support
  • Cost of Repair Assessments


VERTEX offers attorneys and firms specializing in real estate and property matters with comprehensive legal support on all AEC-related aspects. From due diligence to expert witnesses, we provide our clients with niche specialists to assist and consult on diverse issues involving design, environmental impact, construction, engineering, accounting, and methods of practice. VERTEX has a proven track record of assisting real estate attorneys to avoid and resolve issues involving property damage, contract disputes, environmental impact, and due diligence.

  • Real Estate Due Diligence
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Building Failure Analysis
  • Property Condition Assessments

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