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Law Firms

VERTEX provides attorneys with expert services and consulting in legal matters throughout the globe. VERTEX is unique because we stand behind our cost of repair estimates.

VERTEX offers attorneys with unsurpassed forensics experts throughout the globe for a diverse list of matters that involve business interruption, construction claims, construction defects, restoration projects, and property damage. Causes for matters vary from weather to construction defects to pandemics.

Our turnkey, comprehensive services are provided by licensed and certified forensics experts in construction, engineering, environmental, architecture, accounting, and IT. If your claim or damage involves engineering or construction defect, construction management, fire, or environmental our expert team of architects, engineers, construction, environmental, business, accounting, and IT professionals can provide litigation and deposition experience. Our goal is to assist in the preparation of affirmative claims, rebuttal reports, and the timely resolution of claims.

VERTEX is unique because we stand behind our cost of repair estimates. VERTEX offers to complete the subject work at our estimated price. This is a rarity in today’s litigation setting as experts generally do not have the resources and wherewithal to undertake such an offering. By standing behind our estimates, VERTEX provides attorneys with the leverage that is often needed to settle cases or litigate and/or arbitrate with confidence.





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