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Contract surety providers often retain VERTEX to provide claims consulting, funds control, completion contracting, and document collection, management and retention solutions throughout the globe.

VERTEX provides Forensic Consulting, Engineering Design, Construction, and Environmental solutions. Surety providers consider VERTEX’s services and areas of expertise to deliver a comprehensive, one-stop, value-based approach. VERTEX’s constant sense of urgency, number of local consultants, bench strength, and seasoned professionals set us apart from our competition. VERTEX’s surety team is committed to solving problems efficiently and with exceptional deliverables regardless of the project size.

VERTEX has been providing surety consulting services for over 20 years. We have over 40 consultants located in 11 offices throughout the US and Canada. In addition to the size and location of our surety team, two other key differentiators include our suite of surety related services and our depth of area specific expertise. Along with our surety consulting services, we offer completion contracting, accounting (e.g. funds control, books and records review, forensic accounting) and IT solutions (document retention and management) for our surety clients. Our suite of services enables us to respond quickly to our client’s needs.  Furthermore, VERTEX can utilize its internal resources (outside the surety team) to handle any unique or claim specific issue that may arise. Our broader team of experts includes design professionals (structural and civil), forensic engineers, forensic architects, environmental engineers and air quality experts.

In recent years, the surety team has expanded its international experience and has worked on numerous complicated projects throughout the world, in over twenty countries. VERTEX is quickly becoming a go-to surety consultant for international projects.

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