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ESG Policy

Last revised: 2023

The Vertex Companies, LLC (VERTEX) is an international professional services firm that operates within the AEC industry and offers forensic, engineering, environmental, and project advisory solutions to a broad array of clients. Our four core values include operating with urgency, adding meaningful value in all that we do, embracing lifelong learning, and effectively collaborating so one plus one equals three. Our purpose is Bettering the Natural and Built Environment and we do this by: engineering buildings and critical infrastructure to create a safer, sounder world; providing scientific consulting on vital environmental issues to enhance global sustainability; advising on the delivery of important construction projects and programs to enrich communities; solving complex forensic challenges to allow for sound business decisions and just outcomes; and maximizing human potential through professional development and lifelong learning. Accordingly, the incorporation of ESG considerations into every aspect of VERTEX’s functions is critical in our pursuit of this mission.

The term ESG was popularly used first in a 2004 report titled “Who Cares Wins”, which was a joint initiative of financial institutions at the invitation of the United Nations. Since then, the ESG movement has grown into a widespread corporate social responsibility phenomenon. An effective ESG policy collects data so responsible corporations can mitigate impacts on climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, deforestation, pollution, energy efficiency, and water management. In addition, data collection is used to help report on and make strategic decisions regarding employee safety and health, working conditions, employee engagement, diversity, equity, inclusion, and customer satisfaction. Lastly, the data is used to report on corporate governance issues such as diversity of the board of directors, cybersecurity and privacy practices, and management structure.

VERTEX is committed to exhibiting leadership in environmental and social affairs through both internal and external business activities. Our services and corporate groups prioritize our contribution to the economic advancement and wellbeing of our employees, clients, vendors, surrounding communities, and infrastructure. We are devoted to maintaining an organization founded upon environmental responsibility, positive culture, employee engagement, diversity,
safety, and ethical operations. These commitments are achieved by effectively collaborating with all stakeholders and executing on our strategic ESG framework.

VERTEX’s Corporate ESG Committee develops and manages our policies and operational controls for environmental, social, and corporate governance performance. Our leadership (i.e. CEO, Chairman of the Board) supports and oversees a team of diverse and passionate employees representing a wide variety of VERTEX’s service areas as they engage in the work of establishing and sustaining our ESG efforts.

The team is divided into Environmental, Social, and Governance sub-committees to facilitate a dedicated approach to each focus area. The ESG Committee meets regularly to develop strategies, organize data collection, set implementation timelines, and monitor progress and results.

VERTEX recognizes the widely accepted conclusion that human activity has negatively affected Earth’s climate and local ecosystems. However, further advancement of the built environment does not have to come at the expense of the natural environment. We are committed to sustaining internal programs and expanding external service areas aimed at minimizing pollution, safeguarding biodiversity, responsibly managing natural resources, and limiting emissions that contribute to climate change.

As a professional services firm, VERTEX’s environmental impacts are primarily associated with our office spaces, project sites, supply chain, and travel associated with business operations. VERTEX has identified the following impact areas as focal points for environmental performance monitoring:

To act as an environmental steward, it is important for VERTEX to monitor and take  accountability for our contribution to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported that human activities over the past 150 years are responsible for nearly all of the observed increases in greenhouse gas emissions.1 VERTEX will establish a tracking system for its scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions and create ambitious timelines and targets for reduction.

VERTEX leases the majority of its office spaces in buildings shared with other tenants. In these office spaces, VERTEX consumes energy and water, and generates waste during its day-to-day activities. VERTEX will develop a “Sustainability, Energy, and Resiliency Checklist” designed to collect data regarding VERTEX’s resource use at its various office spaces. We plan on using this checklist as a baseline for setting targets and establishing performance indicators so that we may become more efficient in our energy usage, water usage, and waste generation. When possible, VERTEX will give preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources.

VERTEX pledges to meet or exceed all applicable environmental regulations for all Company activities, products, and services. When feasible, this will include assessing our supply chain and vendors for environmental compliance to ensure we are engaging in businesses activities with organizations that share our commitment to sustainability.

In our effort to improve the natural and built environments, VERTEX emphasizes environmental stewardship through internal procedures but also through our external client services. Through the Company’s diverse portfolio of AEC services, and the experienced professionals therein, VERTEX provides scientific consulting on vital environmental issues to enhance global sustainability. Our environmental services include:
· Environmental Design and Remediation Services
· Industrial Hygiene & Building Sciences
· Sustainable Design Consulting
· Building Envelope Consulting
· Building Commissioning
· MEP Design
· Owner’s Representation
· Environmental Compliance & Engineering Design
· Environmental Health & Safety

VERTEX will continue to offer extended education to all its professionals to bring best-in-class environmental and sustainability solutions to our clients. In addition, VERTEX plans to expand and advance its client services in the environmental and energy sectors.

VERTEX’s client services include evaluation of environmental impacts, remedial design, and implementation of environmentally impacted projects in both the private and public sectors. VERTEX proactively manages environmental risk with clients to avoid unplanned costs on projects located throughout the globe. Since 1995, VERTEX has been a global provider of environmental consulting, industrial hygiene, and remediation services. For over 20 years, VERTEX has been an environmental consultant on brownfield redevelopment projects that are privately led, publicly led, and hybrids involving public-private partnerships.

VERTEX energy evaluation services assist clients with compliance related to local energy disclosure and assessment laws, as well as best management practices. Whether compliance requires annual utility data benchmarking, or requires more in-depth energy analysis, our experienced consulting and management professionals ensure that buildings remain compliant with the local utility reporting legislation. Our goal is to ensure compliance while providing a pragmatic approach to energy use and environmental impact reductions.

VERTEX conducts ESG assessments to help clients screen existing ESG risks and look for positive opportunities to implement improvements. Our services include:
· Building ESG evaluation checklists and reporting
· EPA’s Portfolio Manager input and development of ENERGY STAR® Scores
· Energy Audits/Savings Investigations
· Energy disclosure/benchmark filing in relation to local laws and best management practices
· Climate Vulnerability Assessments
· Accessibility Assessments for commercial property
VERTEX provides these services for a variety of clients in varying stages of real estate acquisition, ownership, and management. As a result, we are adept at tailoring one or many of these services into a dedicated client program to meet specific needs.

VERTEX understands that social equity and opportunity are crucial for continued company growth and evolution. People are the heart of the organization, and it is our mission to strive for a healthy workplace where people can thrive and feel supported every day. Staff are also encouraged to engage both internally and externally to showcase the importance of social responsibility. Activities such as giving back to the community, education on diversity and inclusivity, professional development, training on employee health and safety, and utilizing responsible social media platforms are just a handful of methods in which VERTEX practices social responsibility in the workplace.


By offering competitive salaries, employee benefits, and bonuses, VERTEX can hire and retain qualified team members. In addition, providing opportunities for employee feedback and communication in an organization that continues to grow is key to employee engagement. These opportunities at VERTEX include various forms of general employee engagement such as yearly reviews, quarterly check-ins, pulse surveys, stay interviews and new hire surveys during the first three months of employment. Flexible work solutions are also effective in creating a sustainable workplace environment. To support our employees’ work-life balance while still delivering quality work, VERTEX offers hybrid or remote work arrangements, when possible, based on employee, Company and client need.

Employee health and safety are at the heart of our Company. Our H&S mission is to maintain a constant emphasis on H&S with our co-workers, clients, contractors and communities. VERTEX’s vision is to empower every employee in the office and on our project sites with the tools necessary to be safety leaders in the ever-changing environments in our daily lives, both on-the job and at home. We vow to provide H&S education, work practices and leadership in everything we do. Our HandS (Health and Safety) Team pioneered the Intranet as our primary source for information and news for VERTEX. Our H&S Portal contains: automated H&S planning tools that can be used to consider H&S exposures as early as the project proposal stage; shared learning from our incident and near miss reporting; and resources, policies and procedures. We also use the Portal to recognize our colleagues who have demonstrated safety leadership. We make sure that the tenets of H&S preparedness are always close to our employees by providing each employee with a H&S Wallet Card. We offer monthly H&S Webinars open to all employees, and celebrate our H&S successes and objectives during our annual Global H&S Day conducted in each office. We are attentive in managing any injury cases we experience with the help of our medical business partner, WorkCare and our workers’ compensation carrier, Zurich. This has resulted in outstanding H&S statistics, including the OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rates and Experience Modification Rates. As the world continues to navigate daily changes in our lives and workplace caused by the COVID pandemic, our HandS and HR Teams provide employee support and corporate messaging related to COVID and the workplace.

The total wellbeing of our employees is important to our organization. The Company also promotes awareness and organizes programs and activities in support of positive mental health. These activities are inclusive of, but not limited to, scheduled professional speakers and activities coordinated by our Mental Health Employee Resource Group. VERTEX also provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers a variety of work and life support and guidance options for all employees.

VERTEX’s Lifetime of Learning Program provides ongoing support of employee development, training, and education in response to individual and Company needs, and in alignment with our Career Progression Program. Furthermore, our EDGE Program is an internal mentorship program which assists our managers and employees on their development and learning as a mentee or guiding/teaching as a mentor. Additionally, our People Management Development Program offers curated sessions and classes to advance the ability of people managers to understand engage, and support employees in their role and career. These programs are provided in partnership with internal and external subject matter experts.

At VERTEX, we are committed to affirming our lifelong commitment to diversity, equity, and
inclusion. Our culture is built upon a foundation of inclusivity and caring. We will embrace those values as we move forward with an intention to hire and advance women and people of color, both of whom have been historically underrepresented in our industry.

VERTEX issues a quarterly management dashboard that summarizes employee data and allows management to understand our current and previous workforce demographics of tenure, gender, gender by generation, age, and race demographics, among other metrics. VERTEX supports a workplace that promotes an equitable and respectful environment. VERTEX has created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council to assist with the promotion of diversity and overall employee well-being. VERTEX has also invested in the Everyday Inclusion App, a benefit and development tool which provides inclusive tips, tools, and education.

VERTEX has five Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which include Women, People of Color,
Sustainability, Mental Health, and LGBTQIA+. The ERGs support our continued effort in sustaining an inclusive culture that fosters Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The groups allow for networking, mentorships, and other opportunities for professional and personal development. ERG members serve as ambassadors for improving our workplace culture and represent different voices, experiences, and backgrounds of employees at VERTEX.

Recognition on a Company-wide stage is a form of acknowledging an individual’s value within an organization. VERTEX believes in the importance of recognizing team members for exceptional performance and has various platforms and programs designed to showcase and reward our staff. VERTEX’s Annual Awards Program allows all employees to nominate their colleagues or leaders for multiple award categories representing VERTEX’s core values. Additionally, VERTEX has established a robust and transparent bonus program which provides additional compensation to employees for performance above and beyond normal job expectations. This program includes our standard annual bonus structure, our spot bonus program, and compensation for the winners of the Annual Awards Program.

Providing our local communities with opportunities for growth and support in the form of volunteering or through charitable giving is a way for VERTEX to show dedication towards the communities in which we operate. As a Company with a national and global presence, we have partnered with a wide range of non-profit organizations to provide additional resources in the pursuit of our aligned goals. VERTEX’s Charitable Giving Committee was developed to support causes that our employees, clients, and vendors are passionate about. Our sense of Social Responsibility drives us to make a positive difference in our communities by devoting resources and time to causes we believe in. VERTEX is devoted to supporting causes that relate to elderly care, environmental issues, health conditions, emergency response, and family needs.

A purpose centered around Bettering the Natural and Built Environment requires relentless long term effort and persistence. VERTEX understands that inspiring future generations to share our vision of progress will be key in realizing that purpose. VERTEX plans to engage our communities, especially younger populations, through local mentorship programs to encourage interest in STEM fields that share our emphasis on innovation and problem-solving within infrastructure and the environment.

VERTEX understands the importance of accountable leadership in the success and growth of the Company, its employees, and its clients. We commit to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices to ensure excellence in daily operation and promote confidence in the Company’s governance systems. VERTEX has comprehensive policies and procedures installed which support this commitment and ensure compliance with all applicable anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and anti-trust laws and regulations.

Critical to the success of any organization is a clearly defined and effectively communicated system for decision-making processes across all levels of operation. In addition, it is important for each individual to understand their career path opportunities and how those fit into broader Company goals.

Currently, VERTEX’s 6-member Board of Managers (the Board), is composed of three inside managers, two external managers, and one sponsor manager from VERTEX’s equity partner, Wind Point Partners. The Board operates pursuant to The Vertex Companies, LLC’s Operating Agreement, which provides it full, exclusive and complete discretion to manage and control the business and affairs of the Company, to make all decisions affecting the business and affairs of the Company and to take all such actions as it deems necessary or appropriate to accomplish the purposes of the Company. The Board meets quarterly to fulfill its role of making decisions concerning the important and critical issues facing the Company. During such meetings the Board will invite presenters from the Company’s executive leadership team to present on the development, performance, and overall status of affairs of the Company and assist in the Board’s decision making, goal setting and strategic planning.

Members of the Board serve from their designation until their resignation, death, or removal. Gender diversity and equity is a governance matter of high importance at VERTEX, and the Company recognizes the advantages that better representation of women and people of color on the Board and in executive ranks creates.

VERTEX’s senior leadership is the critical supporting cast driving the decision-making processes for the Company. Managing Directors, Executive Vice Presidents, and Vice Presidents are in touch with specific activities within their divisions on a more interactive level. These leaders support staff development, ensure growth of their respective revenue and profit goals, and monitor Key Performance Metrics as set forth by the Board. As such, clearly defined senior leadership roles and responsibilities help build VERTEX’s path to success. Executive compensation should be fair and equitable in line with their roles, responsibilities, contributions, and performance. VERTEX’s organizational chart gives employees a resource that communicates the structure of the leadership network steering the Company.

Key to our success as an organization is the satisfaction, development, and performance of our
employees. We recognize that for the Company to thrive, we must support our employees in
their work and their development within their chosen career. Our Career Progression Program is intended to support our employees’ understanding of their current role and responsibilities AND help them hone their skills and advance their career within the VERTEX organization. This document is offered as a literal “map” and guide for where employees fit in their current role in the Company, as well as where and how they can advance in their chosen career while working with VERTEX.

VERTEX’s employment policies and procedures are detailed in our Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct which are updated periodically as we evolve. These documents are provided to every individual upon employment and redistributed as updates are made. All of VERTEX’s formal policies are developed based on business need, regulatory obligations, client expectations, and focus on creating a workplace that is diverse, fair, equitable and positive for employees; in other words, a place where employees can feel safe and accepted. All policies are developed by the leaders responsible for the area or activity in question and in partnership with our HR, Operations, and Legal teams to ensure appropriateness of content, context, language and alignment with our Company Core Values. Policies related to our employees are most often saved and available within our Employee Handbook, which is maintained and updated as necessary. Additionally, policies that are uniquely aligned with a particular project, initiative, or corporate group are maintained and provided by those specific teams. Finally, investment policies of the Board are reviewed and evaluated against the values of the  Company for alignment.

As an element of our commitment to integrity and ethics in business practices, VERTEX’s strict Conflicts of Interest policies are also addressed in the Employee Handbook. Employees should avoid situations where their private interests conflict with the interests of VERTEX. VERTEX holds our employees, representatives, vendors and any other third party with which VERTEX works accountable against any improper influence that may secure any advantage for VERTEX.

In an effort to hold ourselves accountable and act with honesty and openness, VERTEX commits to providing transparency with respect to ESG activities. In order to accomplish this, the ESG Committee will develop a standard for reporting information and data regarding ESG activities and performance to provide consistent communication with our organization. Once the framework for data collection, performance objectives, and reporting has been created, the ESG Committee’s goal will be to provide quarterly updates and annual reporting on VERTEX’s ESG activities. Measurable and quantitative data should be utilized in reporting wherever possible.

Additionally, it is important that the Board provides transparency in how it will pursue growth and conduct strategic shifts.

As mentioned in the Social Responsibility section of this policy, employees at VERTEX embody a spirit of philanthropy and support for the communities in which we live, work, and operate. Since 2015, we’ve contributed to and supported over 100 organizations throughout the United States and internationally. VERTEX’s Charitable Giving Committee ensures that our volunteering and charitable efforts are non-politically driven and are in accordance with VERTEX’s ethics and values.

All applicants who are offered employment with VERTEX are subject to a background investigation. The purpose of the background investigation is to create a safe and inclusive environment for all employees and visitors, and to ensure that candidates who have been selected for a job are suitable for those duties. Background check information is only shared on a need to know basis. Background check results are retained in files separate from the personnel files and will be retained and disposed of in accordance with VERTEX’s records retention policy and applicable law.

VERTEX commits to working to ensure stakeholder involvement in critical decisions and Company policy development. Stakeholders can contribute significantly to the decision-making and problem-solving processes. People most affected by the problem and most directly impacted by its effects can help to understand the context, issues, and potential impacts more fully. To accomplish this goal, VERTEX commits to:

· Provide stakeholders with balanced and objective information to help them understand issues and the solution alternatives.

· Gather feedback on the information given.

· Work directly with stakeholders during the process to ensure that their concerns and desired outcomes are fully understood and taken into account at each stage.

US corporations are facing mounting pressure to take stands on a plethora of social issues— including issues unrelated to their core business. As a company that is fully engaged in our communities, VERTEX commits to being transparent with employees and others about who is involved in deciding on whether to take a position on controversial issues, and to clearly state what criteria are being used to determine which issues to take-up. The ESG Committee will work with VERTEX leadership to develop policies that will:

· Ground the approach to controversial issues in our communities in VERTEX’s business and values, as a matter of policy and not politics.

· Solicit insight from executive leadership, individual departments, and employee groups as appropriate to better understand controversial issues that may warrant a public statement.

· While not shying away from taking principled stands that apply across the globe, VERTEX will engage local leadership and employees in a region to understand their priorities and how best to articulate Company-wide stances. At times, the most constructive approach may be to articulate a stance in terms of the Company’s internal policies toward its employees, rather than in terms of public policy.

Guaranteeing the security and privacy of all business-related information and data is paramount to VERTEX’s success, and allows us to maintain a strong reputation with our clients and employees. VERTEX retains an independent IT provider to ensure that our information security and privacy practices are industry leading. With assistance from our IT partner, VERTEX has an Information Security Program in place which was designed to ensure the security, integrity, availability, and confidentiality of its client’s data; protect against any anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of client’s data; and protect against the destruction, loss, unauthorized access to or alteration of client’s data.

VERTEX strives to continually improve the Company’s ESG program and related policies, programs, and performance based on the results of periodic reviews of regulatory changes, Company needs, customer needs, technical developments, scientific understanding, and community expectations. VERTEX is committed to measuring and managing our performance within the aforementioned environmental, social, and governance factors by utilizing the following general strategies for continuous improvement:

· Quantitative Data: VERTEX will establish a framework for collecting, organizing, and analyzing accurate impact metrics which will influence effective decision-making across company operations.

· Data Transparency: VERTEX will provide up to date and accurate information and metrics in order to establish reliable benchmarks and set practical performance targets.

· Standards for Reporting: VERTEX will establish a standard for reporting and publishing performance metrics, and effective communication pathways between VERTEX’s ESG Committee and Company members, stakeholders and employees.

· Analysis Equity: Within our analyses, it is important to distinguish differences in opportunity and circumstances within individual offices, teams and project sites. VERTEX will establish criterion that considers such varying conditions when analyzing environmental and social performance metrics.

· Feedback Loops: VERTEX will engage and/or openly accept input from its employees at all levels of the organization to determine the most effective means and methods for evaluating and improving our performance.

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