Delay Analysis Methods: Examining the Impacted As-Planned Method

Wind Uplift Damage to Wood Framed Residential Construction

Damaged Building Repair – Pre-damage Condition or Required Code Upgrades?

Infrared Surveys – Are they right for you?

VERTEX’s Bill McConnell and Jeffrey Katz Discuss COVID-19 Construction Impacts with the Westfield Group

HVAC System Considerations in the COVID-19 Era – Part 3: Increasing Filtration

Water Penetration Testing – How to Avoid Post-Construction Issues

SPCC Planning and the Navigable Waters Protection Rule

HVAC System Considerations in the COVID-19 Era – Part 2: Increasing Outdoor Air Ventilation

Asbestos in Construction

Planning for The Day After: Remobilizing the Construction Industry

Planning and Building in the COVID-19 Era Webinar

Municipal Solid Waste Landfills – Turning Closed Sites into Useful Assets

HVAC System Considerations in the COVID-19 Era – Part 1: CDC and ASHRAE Guidelines

VERTEX’s Scott Katzer Discusses COVID-19 Recommendations for HVAC Systems

Historical Economic Impact on Fire Claims

Wastewater: Treatment, Releases and Remediation

Webinar: Getting Back to Work: Considerations for Job Site Interruptions

ESG – Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance in Relation to Commercial Buildings

As-Planned Versus As-Built Method

COVID-19 Supply Chain Impacts & Construction Delays

COVID-19: Considerations for Surety Professionals Webinar

For the second year, Denver Business Journal Awards VERTEX as a Top Engineering Firm

Coronavirus – About the Disease and Guidance for Risk

What is Subrogation?

Methods for Sureties to Collect Outstanding Funds on Defaulted Federal Construction Projects

CDC Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates

The Time Impact Analysis Method of Quantifying Construction Delays

VERTEX Celebrates 25 Years

Construction Law Foundation of Texas Annual Conference

Property Condition Assessments and Cold Weather Impacts on Commercial Buildings

Construction Institute Summit 2020

Building Codes & International Best Practices

NEHRA 2020 Talent Acquisition Summit

VERTEX 2019 Year in Review

Evaluating Pollution Claim Costs

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