Due Diligence

VERTEX Airport Environmental Support Services, Estate Portfolio, 30290 30766 53299

Airport Environmental Support Services

Newspaper Production Company Redevelopment

Alexan Oak Grove

Energy Assessment, Northeast 15-Site Portfolio

Environmental Due Diligence of Coal-fired Power Plant

3Rs Solid Non-Hazardous Waste Audits of Commercial Retail Stores

Environmental Compliance Audit of Bakery

Environmental & Property Due Diligence for Applebee’s Acquisition

Environmental & Property Due Diligence for Multi-Family Complex

3Rs Solid Waste Audits, 68 Commercial Retail Store Portfolio

Sterling Arbor Blu, Residences at Pizza House

EZ Serve and Clark Gasoline C-Store Foreclosure, 177 Site Portfolio

Redevelopment of City Properties into Multi-Family Housing Complex

Environmental Due Diligence for Industrial & Warehouse Portfolio

Environmental Consulting for Industrial & Warehouse Portfolio

Environmental Due Diligence, CSA Phase II ESAs

Environmental Screening & Desktop Reviews – 242 Service Stations Across Ontario, Canada

CSA Phase I ESA at Hotel in Toronto, Canada

Environmental Screening & Desktop Reviews – Canada

Environmental Due Diligence (153/04 RSC Phase One & Two ESAs) – Tire Manufacturer

Environmental Compliance Audit of Landfill Operation in British Columbia, Canada

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