Environmental Consulting During COVID-19 Response

Environmental Consulting During COVID-19 Pandemic

VERTEX Airport Environmental Support Services, Estate Portfolio, 30290 30766 53299

Airport Environmental Support Services

Newspaper Production Company Redevelopment

Cambridge Housing Authority – Newtowne Court

Alexan Oak Grove

South Oak Cliff High School

Energy Assessment, Northeast 15-Site Portfolio

101 Station Drive

Environmental Due Diligence of Coal-fired Power Plant

Large Scale ISS Remediation Project

Designated Substances Survey, Tap Water Quality and Asbestos Management

3Rs Solid Non-Hazardous Waste Audits of Commercial Retail Stores

Industrial Property Redevelopment, The Lab

Environmental Site Remediation of Industrial Property in Toronto

PCAs for 75-Site Real Estate Acquisition

Loss Control Services for Manufacturing Business

Environmental Due Diligence for Industrial & Warehouse Portfolio

Environmental & Property Due Diligence for Applebee’s Acquisition

Environmental & Property Due Diligence for Multi-Family Complex

Building Water Management Programs & Plans

UMass, Healey Library Survey

Environmental Compliance Audit of Bakery

3Rs Solid Waste Audits, 68 Commercial Retail Store Portfolio

Environmental Consulting for Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE)

Sterling Arbor Blu, Residences at Pizza House

Environmental Remediation of Former Dry Cleaning Site

EZ Serve and Clark Gasoline C-Store Foreclosure, 177 Site Portfolio

860 Harrison Ave Low Rise Building

Norfolk Southern Juniata Shops, Demolition Support

Cooling Tower Inspection

Redevelopment of City Properties into Multi-Family Housing Complex

Austin Energy Power Plant Demolition Estimate

Environmental Consulting for Industrial & Warehouse Portfolio

Assessment & Development of Building Water System Programs/Plans

Bethany House – Window Replacement Project

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