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VERTEX is a multi-discipline firm with global coverage. Our international network of resources enables us to provide multi-national clients with the most qualified local professionals who understand the culture, language, and regulatory framework.

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Civil & Land Development

Licensed in all 50 states, VERTEX provides civil engineering design services on projects of all types and sizes. We have successfully completed a variety of civil engineering design projects nationwide.

VERTEX provides civil engineering design services for architects, developers, contractors, school districts, municipalities, property management companies, building owners as well as airport operators/managers. We have extensive experience in all types of commercial, residential, and industrial projects located throughout the country.


Civil Design

Professional plans on construction and redevelopment projects is necessary before any work begins. The planning and reporting stage is the basis for all future work and municipality approval is imperative to moving forward with your project. VERTEX is highly experienced in developing civil engineering design plans for municipality approval. VERTEX offers solutions for single and multi-family residential communities, commercial buildings, master-planned developments, industrial parks, parks and recreational facilities, transportation projects – rail, airports, roadways etc., higher education and campus development, hospital and healthcare development, and public works facilities.


Site & Land Development

Having an experienced, local Civil Engineer is key in the Site Development process. The permitting and entitlement processes have the potential to delay a project should someone unfamiliar with the process be managing this area of the project. VERTEX is highly experienced in the entitlement and permitting process, as well as other due diligence requirements.

Having an experienced civil engineer at the helm of your land development is necessary in order to ensure your development, be it commercial or residential, is almost as important as the integrity of the structure built on the land itself. Poor land development can lead to a number of failures and even result in construction defect litigation. VERTEX Civil Engineers take land development very seriously and are extremely detail-oriented to ensure your project is a success.

Solutions include:  Site evaluation, assessments and feasibility analyses; Due diligence; Project  entitlements; Environmental consulting and permitting; Annexations and Zoning; Subdivision platting; Civil infrastructure planning and design; Grading and erosion control; Storm water management; Storm drainage analyses and studies; Floodplain analyses; CLOMR/LOMR; Water, wastewater, storm sewer and reuse systems; Roadways; Retaining walls; Sustainable solutions; LID; LEED coordination; and, Construction plans, contract documents and technical specifications.


Drainage Engineering Design Services

A professional drainage engineering design ensures proper drainage across the site and is required to not negatively impact or inundate upstream or downstream sites. A proper drainage engineering design contemplates low impact design and overall site function while meeting the requirements for drainage runoff.


Stormwater Management Design and Planning

VERTEX specializes in a broad range of stormwater management and drainage engineering design services including Stormwater Infrastructure Design, Stormwater Quality and Quantity, Stormwater BMP / Controls Design, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Urban and Mountain Drainage design, Forensic Engineering, Local, State, Federal Water Quality Permitting, Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring, NPDES/CDPS Permitting, MS4 Compliance, Sampling & Monitoring, Erosion & Sediment Control, Underground Treatment & Detention/Retention, Channel Stability, Mud & Debris Flow, Slope Stabilization, and Expert Testimony. Our team can handle the design process for greenfield and brownfield sites utilizing the latest software such as Civil3d, HY-8, TR-55, and HydroCAD as part of the analysis and design process.


Floodplain Management

VERTEX specializes in a broad range of floodplain management and engineering services including Hydrology & Hydraulic Analysis, Hydrology & Hydraulic Modeling, Flood Risk Management and Mitigation, Floodplain Analysis and Mapping, and FEMA Permitting including CLOMR, LOMR, and LOMA Submittals to support all aspects of land development. Our team can handle the floodplain management process from site grading, channel creation, and bank stabilization to establishing proposed floodplain boundaries, and coordination with Flood Management Districts, Municipalities, and FEMA. VERTEX utilizes the latest software such as Civil3d, GeoHECRAS, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, and HydroCAD as part of the analysis and design process.


Dam Design & Compliance

VERTEX has provided a variety of dam safety services on all classes of dams from High Hazard (Class C) to Low Hazard (Class A). Typically work is initiated when the dam owner receives notification from the dam regulatory agency that they are not in compliance with current safety regulations. Initial work often includes the collection of record plan information, if available and site investigation to determine the existing conditions at the dam site. Depending on the existing conditions, this may trigger the need for a dam safety permit to bring the dam closer to compliance with regulatory requirements and make it possible to perform a full dam safety inspection.

Dam safety regulations typically require an engineering inspection of dam conditions on a regular basis. VERTEX has provided engineering services including routine dam inspections, preparation of Emergency Action Plans, and preparation of Inspection and Maintenance Plans. We have also prepared Engineering Assessment Reports that are required by some regulatory agencies to confirm the dam compliances with current safety requirements. The Engineering Assessment Report includes a compilation of documents including Hazard Classification Evaluation, Hydrological and Hydraulic Assessment, Safety Inspection Reports, Structural Stability Analyses, and Emergency Action Plan updates.

VERTEX has designed dam improvements as required to bring structures into compliance with current safety regulations and to satisfy the dam owner’s needs. We are also experienced in the environmental permitting process that typically goes along with dam safety improvements.


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