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VERTEX is a multi-discipline firm with global coverage. Our international network of resources enables us to provide multi-national clients with the most qualified local professionals who understand the culture, language, and regulatory framework.

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Transportation & Infrastructure

VERTEX’s multi-disciplinary staff has extensive experience in providing expert, comprehensive design services for the evaluation, planning, and design, of streets, roads, bridges, parks, and other public works projects.

VERTEX plays a significant role in developing state-wide (DOT) and local transportation through planning and feasibility studies, facility design, and construction administration. Our projects have spanned the range from local roads and streets to expressways, parkways, and arterial highways involving multiple-span and multi-level structures.

VERTEX also provides marine design and construction inspection services for marine facilities such as boat docks and boat launching ramps, bulkheads, seawalls, jetties, piers, dredging, and drainage projects, as well as communications and power distribution at major airports and marine ports.

Services such as design quality control, budgeting and cost control, project scheduling, bid analysis, and field overview of contractor performance are keys to ensuring the success of these projects.


Highway & Civil Design

VERTEX has participated in numerous infrastructure design projects, many of which include roadway design, traffic studies, and drainage design. VERTEX’s design experience ranges from major reconstruction projects on high-density, limited-access highways to local county, town, and private roadways.

Our roadway design services include planning, investigation/inspection, ADA compliance, drainage design, coordination with affected agencies, subsurface and surface utility identification and location, testing, crash data analysis, traffic signal systems, maintenance and protection of traffic plans, project scheduling, construction sequencing, and design review. The development of plans includes attention to available right-of-way, grades, vertical and horizontal alignment, and sight distance, clear zones, proper lane, and shoulder width and pavement design, utilities, landscaping, signage and pavement markings, concrete curbs and aprons, drainage facilities, and work zone traffic control (WZTC). VERTEX also provides construction support services during construction.

Our site design experience includes master planning, streetscape design, commercial and municipal site development, and park design. Design components consist of layout, grading, drainage, erosion control, and landscaping.


Bridge & Structural Design

VERTEX’s expertise includes structural engineering inspections, structural analysis, and evaluation, as well as structural design and construction support services for major structures such as bridges, buildings, retaining walls, marine bulkheading, docks, and utility poles. Our bridge projects range from basic maintenance to the rehabilitation/replacement of significant portions of existing structures, including full super-structure replacements and widening, along with the design of entirely new bridges. In addition to our bridge design services, we provide construction support services throughout the construction phase. We have also performed numerous bridge condition inspections to determine if a bridge should be replaced, rehabilitated, or repaired for all types of bridges for both single and multi-span structures, utilizing our fully-equipped staff of bridge inspectors.


Traffic Analysis & Design

Our services involve traffic data collection, manual turning movement counts, license plate origin-destination data surveys/analysis, parking data, capacity analysis, accident history analysis, speed and delay analysis, ITS services, signs/signage, traffic control inventories, intersection/traffic signal design, and traffic calming measures. VERTEX has provided these services in support of state and local agencies as well as site planning and development. VERTEX also specializes in Work Zone Traffic Control and Construction Staging, Traffic Impact Studies, Pavement Management programming and Parking Management Studies.

VERTEX utilizes the latest computer models per ITE methods, and we are up to date on the most recent standards and procedures of the Department of Transportations, Federal Highway Administration, and local municipalities utilize. We apply computer simulation programs to model existing and future traffic flow conditions on major roadway improvement projects, specifically the Highway Capacity Software program, Synchro-traffic signal timing software, and SIM Traffic, a network simulating model.


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