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Chicago, Illinois

Isaac Gaetz PE, SE, LEED AP

Division Manager, Forensic Engineering

Isaac Gaetz has almost 15 years of experience in management, structural design engineering, forensic engineering and risk assessment and is a Division Manager of VERTEX’s Forensic Engineering Department. Mr. Gaetz is responsible for the Chicago/Midwest forensic engineering division’s technical product, budget and growth while also providing technical guidance and oversight of engineers within the Chicago/Midwest division.

Mr. Gaetz’s wide range of professional and structural engineering experience includes the design of numerous commercial and residential structures within Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding states. Mr. Gaetz has extensive experience with the on-site field work and has conducted hundreds of inspections and analysis of structural failures throughout the United States. Mr. Gaetz has inspected structural defects, structural collapses, building roof and envelope failure and water intrusion, wind damage, snow collapses, earthquakes, foundation failures and settlement, vehicle impacts to structures, fires, and retaining wall failures. Mr. Gaetz is an expert in the design, construction and repair of steel, concrete, wood and masonry structures, and has extensive knowledge of existing, historical and antiquated building systems. Mr. Gaetz’s design experience serving as the sole, and responsible engineer in charge of the design of new structures as well as a collaborative team member on the design of multiple high rise structures in the city of Chicago. Mr. Gaetz has performed structural engineering design on low rise, high rise and long span, residential, commercial, institutional, government, aviation and health care facilities. Mr. Gaetz was deployed for catastrophe response work following Hurricanes Matthew, Irma, and Michael.

Education & Certification

M.S., Structural Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology
B.S., Civil Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology