VERTEX is a global technical services firm. Our vision is for VERTEX to be the one multidiscipline technical services firm that makes the quantum leap to $1B in profitable revenue over the next decade while exceeding customer expectations on a daily basis. We will achieve our vision by: being ever responsive and value driven; attracting and maintaining top talent that fits within our culture and employee-owner mentality; continuing to maintain our goal of 20+% average annual growth rate; and adding new services each year that benefit our broad customer base. 


We credit our success to constant commitment to core values that drives everything we do. These include exercising an exceptional degree of responsiveness, implementing value-added solutions every day and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit to attract and maintain top talent to VERTEX.

Our History


Because of our mix of customers including insurance companies, real estate developers, asset managers and government agencies, we add a well-rounded business perspective to everything we do.

Our Leadership

M&A Opportunities

For continued growth VERTEX supplements our organic growth program with strategic acquisitions of proven companies that share our core values and have the potential to achieve rapid growth on VERTEX’s collaborative platform.

Our M&A Opportunities

VERTEX Gives Back

We value our team and our community. We work hard for our clients and our families. We are stronger together and we think the effort is worth it. Every time.

VERTEX Gives Back