VERTEX is looking for talented individuals to join a highly technical team of forensic consultants, design engineers, construction managers, and environmental scientists. Come join VERTEX, a 100% employee-owned company who was ranked one of the best firms to work for in the industry.

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Vice President, Environmental

Greg S.

Greg S.

VERTEX is a unique organization, always evolving, never resting, continually looking for the next innovation to differentiate us from the competition.”

Sr. Project Manager

Ben F.

Ben F.

There are lots of opportunities for advancement if you work hard.”                                                                                                                                                                   

Business Administrator

Kara H.

Kara H.

VERTEX not only gives back to their employees, but also to the communities we work and live in.”

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Employee Stock Ownership Program

In 2013, VERTEX converted to a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) to encourage our employees to think like owners. Based on research by The National Center for Employee Ownership, ESOP companies are more productive, faster growing, more profitable, have less turnover, and generate more wealth. ESOPs fit very well in the industries in which we work; in fact, two of the top four industries with the most ESOP companies are engineering and construction. See


Masters of
Communication & Collaboration

Because of our multi-disciplined service offerings, clients frequently request VERTEX to perform multiple tasks on the same assignment, such as design engineering, environmental consulting, construction services, tenant improvement, and IT services. By performing multiple services on the same project, our various groups collaborate to promote responsiveness, coordination, and quality. This type of communication increases our team’s knowledge of various disciplines and stimulates individual growth, which sets VERTEX apart from our competition.

Professional Development
& Continued Education

Our employee-owners are VERTEX’s biggest asset…by far. As such, we encourage our team members to take advantage of our reimbursement benefits for continuing education, training, and networking events. When our individual team members grow, we grow as a whole, and this long-term approach to professional development is a core value at VERTEX. Many of our team members are currently obtaining Master’s degrees and PhDs through top universities throughout the country that offer part-time evening programs.