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Alan Nevin Interviewed on Wealth Legacy Group’s Podcast

February 12, 2019

Last month, Alan Nevin was a guest to Wealth Legacy Group’s podcast with R.J. Kelly. The discussion went into a wide variety of economic topics such as car and home sales, how millennials are going to impact the wider economy, demographic shifts occurring internationally, and some topics on Nevin’s book The Great Divide.

You can listen to the podcast directly below (click the blue Play button on the top left):

Some Takeaway Quotes

“This next decade demographically is just going to be an explosion in virtually all the growth states… we have this incredible number of millennials that are just about to get married.”

“People have been coming back, sort of part time and earning less than they thought they should be earning, and now they are seeing jobs opening up to bring them back up to their former level.”

“India basically will overtake China.”

This article was originally published by Xpera Group which is now part of The Vertex Companies, Inc.

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