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Do Your Construction Project Plans Need a Peer Review?

December 22, 2021

Having another objective party reviewing your work can help reduce the risk of error, especially when a considerable investment is involved. If you’re planning a sizable construction project in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, whether it be high-rise or a series of single-family homes, a peer or third-party review could be in your best interests. 

In general, project owners or managers who need this type of assistance consider reputable firms and construction consultants offering consulting services such construction quality assurance and real estate development support.

A comprehensive plan and specification peer review is an effective risk management strategy for ensuring your construction meets quality standards in numerous specialized trades. However, to maximize the value of your consultants’ services and enhance the quality of your construction plan, it’s important to consider a few important points.

What is peer review in construction?

Construction peer review is a process in which third-party quality assurance consultants examine the project’s design, constructability, and contractor’s workmanship. These professionals ideally have extensive experience in the type of buildings they review and are familiar with the latest building codes and standards. During the project’s timeline, they would detect any potential construction defect issues or errors that should be fixed in a timely manner.

In a quality assurance program, the peer review is often split into two major parts:

  1. The Plan Review performed during the project’s design phase
  2. Construction Quality Control Inspections performed during the project’s building phase

How does plan review work?

The plan review begins with examining and assessing the drafts of specifications and architectural plans for the building(s). The construction consultant will review whether the current designs conform to the local construction and building codes, as well as identify areas that are unclear, incomplete, or may be unfeasible to build.

An effective plan review will have a quality assurance expert check all the key project documents, such as drawings, specifications, product information sheets, etc. The more documents they review, the more they can help reduce the risk of mistakes, issues, constraints, and omissions slipping through. This way, they will decrease the probability of extensive construction rework and change orders, which can make up for a large amount of unplanned project cost escalation.

What are the benefits of the review?

A plan review is an effective process to pinpoint and correct potential construction issues and mistakes during the design phase. The inspector reviewing the plans would also help create solutions to eliminate or mitigate potential problems that can impact the building(s)’ performance and cost.

The following are common kinds of issues that the peer review can help avoid or reduce:

  • Waterproofing problems
  • Change orders resulting from inadequate design
  • Rework due to non-compatible material issues

Construction consultants will identify potential problem areas and deal with risks early in the process. They will, therefore, help you avoid delays, additional expenses, and possible construction claims.

For this reason, a plan review is an important tool for quality assurance and the construction industry in general. If properly managed as part of an effective quality assurance program, the peer reviews can have a positive impact on many aspects and even reduce insurance costs on your project.

How can VERTEX specialists assist you?

Save time, effort, and money on your construction project with VERTEX by your side. As one of the recognized construction consulting companies, we have experienced construction quality control consultants in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. With a large group of highly experienced professionals in every construction-related field, our company delivers expert consulting service to a wide range of clients.

Having worked with many of the world’s leading homebuilders, contractors, and developers, we can perform plan reviews and provide you with other consulting services such as quality assurance, development support, and construction forensics. Our dedicated team of specialists will take steps to ensure your project goes as planned. Contact us today!

This article was originally published by Xpera Group which is now part of The Vertex Companies, LLC.

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