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VERTEX Featured in CLM’s Article “Leading Out Loud: Property”

June 12, 2023

VERTEX’s Isaac Gaetz has been prominently featured in CLM’s article titled “Leading Out Loud: Property.” The article explores the dynamic landscape of property claims, focusing on the impact of technology, the evolving tactics of plaintiffs’ attorneys, and the potential increase in fraudulent claims during the pandemic. Read a few excepts below or check out the full article in CLM.

Technological Influence on Property Claims Resolution:
Isaac shares his expertise on the significant role of technology in shaping the property claims resolution process. With advancements such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and digital documentation, technology has revolutionized the way claims are handled. Isaac emphasizes that these innovations have led to more accurate assessments, streamlined workflows, and improved communication between insurers, adjusters, and policyholders. By harnessing the power of technology, the property claims resolution process has become more efficient, enabling faster response times and enhanced customer experiences.

New Tactics Adopted by Plaintiffs’ Attorneys:
In this article, Isaac also explores the evolving tactics employed by plaintiffs’ attorneys in property-related litigation. As the legal landscape evolves, these attorneys have adapted to the changing environment, utilizing novel strategies to present their cases. Isaac notes that plaintiffs’ attorneys are now leveraging technology, including data analysis tools and expert witnesses, to bolster their arguments. Additionally, they are increasingly focusing on emotional appeal and storytelling techniques to sway juries and achieve favorable outcomes. By staying informed about these evolving tactics, insurance professionals can better prepare for potential challenges in property-related legal disputes.

Impact of the Pandemic on Fraudulent Claims:
The COVID-19 pandemic had far-reaching consequences, and the insurance industry has not been immune to its effects. Isaac addresses the critical question of whether the pandemic has resulted in an increase in fraudulent property claims. According to Isaac, the unique circumstances created by the pandemic, such as financial hardships and a surge in remote work, have created opportunities for fraudulent activities. He emphasizes the importance of heightened vigilance in detecting and combating fraudulent claims, as well as the need for robust investigation techniques and data analysis to identify suspicious patterns.

Expert Insight Conclusions
Isaac Gaetz’s expertise and contributions to the CLM article “Leading Out Loud: Property” offer valuable insights into the dynamic world of property claims. By examining the impact of technology on the claims resolution process, the evolving tactics of plaintiffs’ attorneys, and the potential rise of fraudulent claims during the pandemic, Isaac sheds light on critical aspects that shape the industry. We commend Isaac for his exceptional work and encourage everyone to read the attached article to gain a deeper understanding of these important topics.

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