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VERTEX Sponsors Bisnow Denver’s New Construction and Development Forum

October 17, 2018

VERTEX Sponsors Bisnow Denver’s New Construction and Development Forum

Join VERTEX Engineers, Construction Experts, and Environmental Scientists at Bisnow Denver’s New Construction and Development Forum on Tuesday, October 30th at 7:30am.

Get 20% off your registration with our discount code: VCSD20ZERS.

What you’ll learn:

1) Construction costs are rising, materials are expensive and the labor shortage is real. What are the viable solutions (in the foreseeable future) to a major industry setback?

2) Pros and cons of a booming town: Is Denver destined to become a megalopolis?

3) How are developers, GCs and designers working collaboratively to bring desirable, affordable and inclusive communities to the mile-high city?

4) Are TODs still in demand or has transit-oriented development slowed with the lack of public transit growth?

5) Denver Submarket Outlook 2019: What’s next in construction & development for Denver’s surrounding neighborhoods?

Featured topics:

Stories of the Wild West: Construction Challenges of Yesterday, Development Successes of Tomorrow
How to Ride the Cycles, Utilize Strategic Projection and Create Value in the Market

Development, Construction & Design: The Impact of Innovation
The Influence of Technology, Innovation and Initiatives on Denver’s CRE Market

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