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Xpera Group Acquires Roel Consulting Services Inc

April 3, 2012

Agreement Doubles Size of Firm, Creates Largest Group of Construction Consulting Experts in San Diego County

Xpera Group (now part of VERTEX) agreement with Roel Consulting Services, Inc (RCSI) expands on the firm’s significant growth and leadership position in its space. Xpera President Ted Bumgardner, who has 33 years of experience in construction management, founded the company in 2009 and quickly expanded its operations, despite the volatile economic environment. Prior to the agreement with RCSI, the organization had grown to 30 highly-qualified construction, real estate, and development specialists covering a wide range of diverse disciplines. In order to accommodate its rapid growth, Xpera has opened a second office in Rancho Bernardo to house the transitioning RCSI team.

“I’m humbled by the group of talented people we have brought together with this deal,” said Bumgardner. “This acquisition doubles the size of our company, making Xpera the largest and most comprehensive group of construction consulting experts in San Diego County. We look forward to leveraging the collective strengths and capabilities of this team to continue our growth well into the future. ”

“Roel Consulting Services and Xpera have had a strong working relationship for years and our teams have always had a tremendous amount of respect for each other, so this agreement was a natural fit for everyone involved,” said Wayne Hickey, president and general manager of Suffolk-Roel. “We are confident this agreement with Xpera will strengthen the firm and position it as a regional leader in San Diego County.”

The idea of this acquisition first came about when San Diego-based Roel Construction was acquired by Suffolk Construction Co., a privately owned firm headquartered in Boston, in January 2011.

“After Suffolk bought Roel Construction, the acquisition of Roel Consulting Services piqued my interest,” Bumgardner said, “but the opportunity came across just a couple months ago.”

In a telephone interview Tuesday, Hickey acknowledged Suffolk-Roel wanted to concentrate on general contracting after the merger so it made sense to sell to Xpera Group.

Bumgardner said he approached Roel.

“They are a very mature consulting group, who are very qualified. I have a lot of respect for them,” Bumgardner said.

He added that his company is able to take on more staffing now because Xpera, which opened in 2009, has grown 47 percent from 2010 to 2011.

“We are a one-stop shop that covers all areas of development and construction,” said Bumgardner, going onto explain his company provides services to carriers who provide “wrap up” coverage and can offer consulting help to all parties involved. The firm has experts in specific areas such as site work and contract disputes.

“We want to cover an entire team, so if something goes to litigation, generals, subs and everyone is covered by one entity and not several, like it used to be done,” Bumgardner explained.

The Xpera Group (now part of VERTEX) provides a wide range of construction consulting services, including forensic expert witness services, building and construction consulting, and property condition assessments. The firm’s expert witness services team serves attorneys, insurance companies, property owners, and contractors who require professional technical expertise.

This article was originally published by Xpera Group which is now part of The Vertex Companies, LLC.

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