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Xpera Group Sponsors UCSD Roundtable

May 3, 2017

Xpera Group (now part of VERTEX) is an annual sponsor of the UC San Diego Economics Roundtable, which provides a valuable forum for local business professionals and community leaders to exchange ideas and information with world-class economists and financial experts. At the Spring meeting, the Roundtable’s featured guest was Kenneth Rogoff, a former chief economist with the International Monetary Fund and interestingly, also a Grand Chessmaster.

His presentation, entitled “The Case for a Less-Cash Economy,” focused on the future of large denominated notes and their strong ties with the gray and black markets. He pointed out that legal expenditures under $50 continue to be mostly cash based; bills of $100 or more tend to be almost all bank-related transactions. It was a compelling discussion about how changes in the use of cash and new payment technologies will impact public policy in the future.

Several members of VERTEX attended the event, including real estate economist and market researcher, Alan Nevin, who cofounded the UCSD Economic Roundtable two decades ago.

To learn more about the roundtable, you can visit their website here.

This article was originally published by Xpera Group which is now part of The Vertex Companies, LLC.

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