VERTEX performed environmental and property due diligence services of the Archstone Monument Park in Fairfax, Virginia. The site, a 460-unit residential apartment complex spread across 12 four-story buildings, was constructed in 2002. As part of the scope of work, VERTEX conducted a site inspection, interviews with staff management and maintenance staff, and reviewed compliance documentation at the site. VERTEX reviewed overall site compliance with applicable regulations as well. Additionally, VERTEX inspected accessible areas for water damage and/or microbial growth in effort to provide a “quality control” check on the property condition survey. Per client directives, VERTEX inspected 100% of the residential units (460 units) and applicable common areas. As part of property due diligence, VERTEX performed a PCA assessment including an inspection of the building structure, building interior and exterior systems and finishes, roof system, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, conveyance, and life safety and fire protection systems. VERTEX completed the investigations on an expedited time frame and provided recommendations regarding the property condition.