VERTEX provided expedited loss control services in order to understand pollution exposure for the restart of a 1,500-acre crude oil refinery that was being considered for coverage. The site previously operated as a refinery between 1965 and 2012. Over 60 different types of crude oil had been processed at the facility.

In order to determine pre-existing conditions and offer an expedited evaluation of various risks as they relate to the restart construction project, VERTEX conducted desktop research as well as a mechanical engineering review of available files. VERTEX determined: inventory of on-site refinery units; manufacturing processes; and historical site uses and operations.

VERTEX provided the insurance carrier with a full risk evaluation for: subcontractor selection; travel/lodging logistics; weather and security logistics; seismic activity during construction; engineering drawings and specifications; and refurbishment or replacement on existing tanks and refinery equipment. The information provided allowed the insurance carrier to determine any pre-existing conditions, and evaluate the potential future construction cost risks.

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